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Adventure activities like Trekking, Jungle Trails, Rappelling, Scuba-Diving, River Rafting, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Valley Crossing etc. are something which fascinates everyone. The main attraction of doing an adventure activity is gaining a life-time experience. Small Steps Adventures gives you precisely that.

We, Small Steps Adventures, focus on providing Thrilling, Memorable, Action-packed experience which will increase your thirst of wanting more. Once a small Home-based business, have increased manifolds with a Dedicated Team, Group of Sincere Volunteers and Our Loyal Customers of various age groups. Small Steps Adventures is a One Stop Solution for all the Adventure activities by organizing events year after year.

Our Niche is in the following activities:


mumbai treks

Being a Mumbai based company, it gives us access to the Beautiful, Enthralling, Scenic and Thrilling Sahyadris, The Western Ghats. The Sahyadri Range begins from South Gujarat and ends at Kerala. Maharashtra has the largest portion of Sahyadri range, of around 750 kms. Thus, to get a glimpse of this Colossal and Mesmerizing Mountain Rangewe organize events in every season. We provide Night treks such as Kalsubai, Garbet Plateau, Korigad, Prabalgad, Irshalgad etc., One Day trek near Mumbai and Pune such as Harihar, Karnala, Tikona, Peb, Manikgad, One Tree Hill etc and Range trek such as Rajgad to Torna, Prabalgad to Irshalgad, Katraj to Sinhagad etc.


camping groups mumbai

Lying under a Starry Sky, to witness game of Hide and Seek between Moon and Clouds, Singing your favorite songs near a bonfire, is what Camping is all about. We are one of the biggest event organizers of camping near Mumbai & Pune. We bring camping under every different genre. Lake Side Camping, Farm Camping, Fort Camping, Valley Camping, Beach Side Camping is something we boast about, as we arrange these events on every weekend (except monsoon) throughout the year.

One Day Adventure:

Sea Sailing in Mumbai

We have come up with a unique concept of One Day Adventure essentially designed on weekends for working class and college going students. We have made an effort to offer maximum fun, maximum adventure with pocket-friendly budget. Rock-Climbing at Tail Baila, River Rafting at Kolad, Sea Sailing in Mumbai, Waterfall Rappelling at Vihigaon, Valley Crossing at Kalavantin are some of our heart-thumping One Day Adventure activities which we cater.

Himalayan Treks:

himalayan trekking groups in mumbai

Every Trekkers dream is to explore the White, Snow-filled and Enormous Himalaya. Home of the Mount Everest & other 8000 Meter plus peaks, The Himalaya ranges about 2,400 kilometers spread across Pakistan, India, China & Tibet making it the longest Mountain Range in the World. Trekking in the Himalaya thus, act as a catalyst to one’s adrenaline rush. From easy level to difficult one, we provide you range of treks in Himalayas with proper safety and required gear to satisfy your appetite of adventure. We offer Hampta Circle Trek, Hampta Pass Trek, Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Patalsu Peak Trek, Chandrakhani Pass Trek and many more.

Wild life Jungle Safari:

Wild life Jungle Safari

Maharashtra being hub for more than 15 Wildlife Sanctuaries, Jungle Safari is a must. Watching the wild animals in a zoo or circus is not as chilling as watching them in their own surrounding. Be it in Tadoba National Park or Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, every sanctuary has something unique to offer. We deliver you the occasion of unforgettable Jungle Safari from November to May. We provide Jungle Safari at Tadoba, Pench, Jim Corbett, Sasan – Gir, Dandeli, Tippeshwar and many more.

ECO Tours:

trek organisers mumbai

If you think of spending your time with family, learning something new with quotient of enjoyment on higher side, ECO Tours will suffice it. We cater this activity to people of various age groups from Grandpas and Grandmas to Grandchildren. Preservation of Vultures at Phansad, Protection of Turtles at Velas, Watermelon & Mango Farming at Dahanu, Flamingo Bird Watching at Airoli, Bird Watching Tour at Bhigwan are some of the activities which we conduct. It thus, provides you an insight and glimpse of changed perspective of Mother Nature.

Summer/ Winter Camp for Kids:

adventure group mumbai

Making best of the summer/ winter vacations is what parents want for their kids. We provide vacation camp for kids in summer and winter season with a pinch of adventure at Kolad, Badlapur & also in Himalaya. Indulging in play for the entire duration along with proper food and safety is our motto. We boost kids to develop their confidence, help them learn new things and improve social skills. This will help them cater well in society. Activities such as Burma Bridge, Jungle Trail, Model Making, Rifle Shooting, Archery excites kids to participate and thus helps them to enjoy even more.

Corporate Events:

Corporate Events

We have infused a dedicated team which specializes in handling corporate customers. Recognizing the needs of a company and providing the exact solution for it is our USP. We focus on providing activities such as MICE, One Day/ Over night Conference, Outdoor Meetings, Business Travels, Customized Outings and Holidays, Team Building Activities, Outbound training.

Backpacking Tours:

trek mumbai

In such a service-oriented world, we have tried to maintain the gist of backpacking tour which is pocket friendly, loads of sightseeing opportunities, acquaintances with different cultures, food and lot of travel. India is land of many beautiful places which provides opportunity to every traveler to explore every day. Thus, we provide tours to the most beautiful places in India such as the 7 sisters of the North East, Kasol, Spiti Valley, Khajuraho, Marwad Rajashtan, Hampi, Konkan and many more.

Customized Tours:

Customized Tours

Every individual wants to make get the most out of his holidays and vacations. Exploring to new places, finding the good hotels for stay, good healthy food, nearby tourist attractions often is time-consuming and confusing. We provide you customized tours all over India by giving you the required guidance after understanding your detailed needs.



Trekathon is a race to a reach top of hill or mountain in a stipulated time. We organize this event every year, which gained popularity and has been supported by thousands of our followers and participants, where every participant receives a souvenir and every winner receives exciting gift vouchers.