Matheran, the smallest hill station in Maharashtra is known for its pleasant climate, its toy train and for being the only vehicle-free hill station in the country.

Need more reasons? It is also one of the best trekking places in the Western Ghats. It is located close to Karjat and can be accessed easily via Neral.  A long weekend is coming up and so we thought of providing you with 12 awesome places to visit in Matheran and fall in love with its rustic, old-world charm!

1. Louisa Point

Louisa PointOne of the most popular attractions in Matheran, Louisa point offers splendid views of Prabalgad and Vishalgad forts. If one happens to travel to Matheran during the monsoon, it offers great views of waterfalls from the neighbouring mountains.

2. One Tree Hill

One tree HillAs the name suggests, the One Tree Hill Point in Matheran has only one tree! If you are sporty enough to walk that extra distance, this point offers a magnificent view of Matheran and you get brownie points in the form of feeling on top of the world! This point is also less crowded as most visitors do not choose to exert themselves physically.

3. Shivaji’s Ladder

Shivaji Lader

Shivaji’s Ladder is located at a distance of 3.5 km from the Matheran Railway Station and is enroute to the One Tree Hill point. Historical records state that this pathway was used by the legendary Maratha Emperor, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj for his hunting excursions. Today, this pathway is used by the locals for their day to day travel. It is also popular among trekking and adventure enthusiasts who visit this weekend getaway near Mumbai.

4. Panorama Point

panorama pointAlso known as the sunrise point, Panorama is a much-admired spot for the beauty it offers. This also makes it a very good spot for camping in Matheran where campers are greeted with a beautiful view of the sunrise. Another notable feature is that it is located close to the Matheran Market.

5. Charlotte Lake

charlote lakeLocated close to Echo and Louisa points, Charlotte Lake provides a serene view of the calm water for those who are seeking peace. Over the years, this spot has become popular with tourists giving rise to small stalls providing tea, snacks, lemon juice. . . and monkeys!

6. Prabalgad

PrabalgadKnown as the Muranjan fort until it was captured by the Marathas, a trek to Prabalgad will leave one spellbound with its natural beauty. Today all that remains are some ruins and a temple of Lord Ganesha. One can get a good view of the adjacent Kalavantin pinnacle from the top.

7. Irshalgad

IrshalgadConsidered as the twin of Prabalgad, a trek to Irshalgad provides magnificent views of the surrounding valleys, mountains and specifically Morbe Dam. Adventure lovers should definitely visit Prabalgad and Irshalgad for their mandatory dose of adrenaline!

8. Echo Point

Echo PointThis point provides a picturesque view of the surrounding hilltops and valleys and is lush with colorful wildflowers which make it an excellent location for clicking pictures and yelling out your name at the mountains!

9. Porcupine Point

If Panorama is the sunrise point, Porcupine defines sunset. This place provides a great view coupled with a quietude that comes from the setting of the sun. Prabalgad fort stands out in the pinkish-orange hues of the sky right before the sun dips.

10. Chanderi Caves

Chanderi cavesThe Chanderi mountain range is located close to the Matheran region and is one of the most popular destinations for overnight camping near Mumbai and Pune. A trek up the cave is an exhilarating experience and should be a must on the to-do list of adventure and trekking enthusiasts. Trek to Chanderi caves is a good option in monsoon.

11. Alexander Point

Flourishing natural beauty, tranquillity and a breath of fresh air are the terms that define this spot justly. Alexander point is the perfect place for spotting the myriad hues of the sky and indulging in some photography. It is one of the beautiful places with a lush green backdrop. The view of the sunrise from this spot is mesmerizing inspires one to stay in the company of nature. This fabulous destination has something for every nature lover, be it a trekking alley or lush green pathway into nature.

matheran camping

Matheran camping

To add a cherry on the top, what if we tell, you could stay closer to nature and be one with nature by Camping in Matheran. Yes, you heard us right. You can now camp in the jungles of Matheran, so close to Alexander point. Camping in the midst of the forest, spending quality time with the family, breathing fresh air and just casually humming to the music of nature is definitely you would not want to miss. Waking up to the birds chirping and going for a walk to Charlotte Lake, is something we all imagine doing it. So why wait anymore? Camping in Matheran is too good to postpone it anymore.

12. Ambarnath Temple

This 11th-century heritage site is located close to the river Vadavan and is known by names such as Ambreshwar Shiva Temple and Puratana Shivalaya. As the various names suggest, the temple houses Lord Shiva as the chief deity and is extremely popular among the masses for its magnificent architecture and legends.