Monsoon is here!! Lush green mountains, milky white waterfalls, wet tracks of Sahyadri’s are about to shower its beauty.  The vast natural landscape personifies itself in monsoon season. Exhausted and tired from the hot sunny days, monsoon brings pleasure, and drains away all the heat from the body.

The monsoon treks in Maharashtra are well known getaways to enjoy rainy season to the fullest and wonder around in the natural beauty of mountains.

Following are the 5 easy monsoon treks

1) Trek to One Tree Hill, Matheran

Well as the name suggests, one tree hill, where one can see only one tree on a hill literally! One tree hill is one of the points on Matheran, well Matheran is quite common destination for weekend trips; it has many points of amazement. Exploring further one tree hill is such point here. From one tree hill there is direct route to descend into valley and touchdown to base village. Nature begins to uncurl itself in Monsoon, to view it in its most beautiful form One tree Hill becomes one of the getaway treks in Monsoon. Places for trekking near Mumbai are many, but One tree hill is the most famous among mumbai trekking groups.

Trek Category: Easy

Base village: Ambevadi, (ascend and descend to One tree hill)

Height:  Around 800 m (2625 feet)

Distance: 83 km from Mumbai

How to reach: Local train till karjat – from karjat local transport till base village-from here start the trek


2) Trek to Kalsubai – Highest peak of Maharashtra

Kalsubai Trek

The peak of Maharashtra; How can that be missed in a climate that brings a different kind of thought process in you? Mind wonders in pleasant monsoon season, let it wonder and reach the top of Sahyadri’s and let your thoughts flow here. At summit there is a temple of local deity. The picturesque view from kalsubai is quite incredible. So Kalsubai trek from Mumbai is a much needed getaway for Monsoon. This highest peak is well known destination for trekking in Maharashtra.

Trek category: Medium

Base village: Bari

Height: 1642 m (5400 feet)

Distance: from Mumbai 152 km

How to reach: Local train till Kasara- local transport or jeeps till base village Bari-From here start the trek.


3) Trek to Peb Fort-Vikatgad:

Peb Fort

Well if you are ready for little adventure and mesmerizing views than definitely, Peb fort should be your getaway in Monsoon. It is assumed that this fort derived its name Peb from the ‘Goddess Pebi’ at the base of the fort. It is said that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage This trek offers waterfall, rock patches and dense forest on all sides. Situated near Matheran it is one of the common treks of the season. Gear up for this one and have a pleasant getaway.

Trek Category: Medium

Base village: Fanaswadi

Height: 640 m (2100 feet)

Distance from Mumbai:  52 km from Mumbai

How to reach:  Local train till karjat – from karjat reach neral-from neral base village fanaswadi-trek starts from here.


4) One day trek to Karnala Fort:


An easy trek with a Jungle trail, consisting of a bird sanctuary Karnala trek is the most sought out treks in Monsoon. The fort’s feature is a 125 feet high basalt pillar; which was built as a watchtower. The fort has dilapidated structure. The trek also provides amazing views of nearby situated forts like Prabalgad, Chanderi, Matheran and Dronagiri. Rains and green nature makes the trail trek an enjoyable outing.

Trek Category: Easy

Base Village: Apta near Panvel

Height: 439 m (1440 feet)

Distance from Mumbai: 47.8 km

How to reach: Reach Panvel via local train – from panvel local transport – fort situated on panvel goa highway – from apta base village trek starts.


5) Harishchandragad through Pachanai village route:


If you want to experience the concept “Nature is Beautiful”, then this trek must surely be on your cards this monsoon. Harishchandragad trek is generally a difficult trek via 2 other routes ‘nalichi Vaat (most difficult)’ and ‘Tolarkhind-Khireshwar’; but the trek through Pachanai village is easy and gives an awesome view of nature. There are many waterfalls, ponds along this route. The major attractive points of Harishchandragad are ‘Konkan Kada’; a vertical cliff in a semicircular shape just is inexplicable and people fall in love with this point; the other is the Shiv Linga temple in the cave being supported on 4 pillars out of which 3 are broken and only one is remaining whole. The cave is filled with icy cold water till waist length. ‘Taramati’ is the highest point on the fort and gives a spectacular scenic view. Surely this trek should be a monsoon getaway.

Trek category: Easy

Base village: Pachnai

Height: 1294 m (4245.05 feet)

Distance from Mumbai: 201.8 km

How to reach: Local train to kasara – from kasara local transport till ghoti village – from ghoti village reach Pachanai – trek starts from here


Blog by: Ajinkya Waradpande