This monsoon, spend every weekend amidst scenic landscapes and beautiful views at Bhandardara near Mumbai. Located a few hours away from Mumbai, the serene and tranquil location of Bhandardara makes an ideal location for a weekend getaway. But what is so special about this place? What do we get if we visit this place?

Following are the top 7 places of Bhandardara that makes your weekend unforgettable.

  1. Monsoon Treks

Bhandaradara is surrounded by many forts such as Alang, Madan, Kulang, Vishramgad, Ratangad, Harishchandragad and the highest peak of Maharashtra Kalsubai. Trek to any of the forts will provide you a unique and picturesque experience like never before. Clouds, Mist, Chillness of the air and slight drizzles gets the entire location a paradise. It is also famous for Bandardara camping A must do things in monsoon and must add to your bucket list.

  1. Arthur Lake

Popularly known as Bhandardara Lake, Arthur Lake is a location which provides ample opportunity to camp beside the lake. With mountains surrounding from everywhere and clouds hovering around the peaks of the Mountains make it a sight to capture from the lake. One can also enjoy a boat ride in this lake providing various vantage points and beautiful moments.

  1. Randha Falls

The mini Niagara Falls of Maharashtra, Randha Falls is located near Wilson Dam and is around 11 km away. The surrounding area of the Randha Falls is nicely constructed so as to allow people to enjoy the falls even from a distance. Proper railings and barricades ensure the safety of tourist and thus let them enjoy the falls without any worries. With water flowing from the Wilson Dam, Randha falls is never dry with monsoon being the ideal season as it displays its beauty to its peak.

  1. Amruteshwar Temple

Located at Ratanwadi which is the base village of Ratangad, Amruteshwar temple is one of the most beautiful temples around the Bhandardara region. With stone carvings believed to be of 8th century during the era of Hemadpant, this temple is a treat for the eyes and wonder of architecture. One could not believe the existence of such a beautiful temple amidst such a place. The trekking community usually visit this temple before beginning their trek to Ratangad so as to seek blessings from the lord.

  1. Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam is more commonly known as Bhandardara Dam, is one of the oldest earthen dam built in 1910. The base of the dam boasts of a lush green garden and small water streams make an ideal spot to view the dam. During Monsoon, the gates of the dam open by itself and one can experience the sprinkles of water. An architectural marvel, Wilson dam thus becomes a must visit place in Monsoon near Bhandardara.

  1. Umbrella Falls

Located near the Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls has got this name because of the way it creates a picture of a White Umbrella. When the gates of the Wilson Dam are opened, the Umbrella Waterfalls provides a feast to the eyes. The most spectacular sight is when the water level increases and so does the diameter of this umbrella.

  1. Bike Ride to Bhandardara

One of the best options to visit the nearby places is through a bike ride to Bhandardara. The ride itself is so soothing and treat for the eyes that the whole places seem to be like heaven. Mountains, Landscapes, Lakes, Waterfalls, Farm fields, Rural villages make the bike ride the best Country experience one can get.

Don’t miss the opportunity and visit the Bhandardara before the Monsoon ends. Hurry.

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