Asherigad fort impressively located at the elevation of 1680 feet above sea level in Palghar district of Maharashtra has a historical significance attached to it. Built by Bhojraja, this fort can be dated back to 800 years. Falling in the hands of various rulers, this fort lastly went into the hands of the British Empire. Thus Asherigad trek with the glorious history is an amazing trek near Mumbai.

Asherigad Fort Trek details:

  • Height: 1680 feet above sea level
  • The time required: 3 hours
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Base village: Khodkona

Asherigad Trek

Asherigad trek is one of the Monsoon treks closer to Mumbai, is something to be experienced by every trekking enthusiast. Asherigad located in Palghar a beautiful town close to the coastal belt is beautifully nestled between the sea at one end and the mountains in the other.

Although this region has some of the maximum numbers of forts, Asherigad fort happens to be playing a significant role due to its size ad strong fortification. Apart from that, the trail that leads from the base village i.e Khodkona village in Palghar district is a very scenic trail combined with rocky patching and lush green forest.

Asherigad Fort

Asherigad Fort

Asherigad Trekking trail

As you pass through the village, the trail leads you through the forest with small streams flowing and birds chirping; you would find green boards directing you to the fort. Keep following the directions given by the forest department. There are some rocky patches you would need to climb to find a small forest temple worshipped by local people. You would be lucky if the weather is clear for you to witness some breath-taking views of the lush green forest and cotton candy-like clouds passing by.

Explore Asherigad Fort

After crossing the jungle, for trekkers convenience, there is a ladder leading to the fort making a somewhat easier to reach the top of the fort.  As you finish climbing the ladder, you will find stone steps leading you to the fort. You are welcomed by some old ruins and stone carving, makes you wonder what must have happened during its prime days. As you explore, you would find a cave with a hanuman temple. There are two water reservoirs on the top of the fort, be sure to find frogs croaking and jumping and taking a dive in the reservoir. Enjoy being close to nature.

Asherigad Trek

Asherigad Trek

How to reach Asherigad Fort

Catch a Churchgate to Dhanu road, which stops at Palghar; from where you can take a Tumtum to the base village Khodkona.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Carry a light trekking sack with Water bottle and some food.
  • Carry a set of clothes for emergency
  • Carry a stick while trekking through the jungle as it can help you make way through the shrubs and also be very helpful during monsoon where the path can get a little slippery.
  • Good trekking shoes would do great help.