Avchitgad fort trek beautifully located on the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, near Roha village of Raigad District. This Avchitgad fort is blessed with the natural beauty surrounding it. This unexplored fort also has a rich history. Built by Shilahar dynasty, later on, went into the control of Nizams of Ahmednagar. And during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj, this fort was taken under him for reconstruction. But in 1818, the British Empire took control of the fort by defeating the Peshwa who was taking care of the fort, on the Third Anglo-Maratha war.

Avchitgad Fort Trek Details:

  • This Hillfort is located at 984 ft above sea level
  • The difficulty level of this trek is easy
  • It takes approx. 1 hour to ascend this fort from Medha & Pengalsai

There are 3 routes to trek the fort

Via Pingalsai: This base village is 5 km from Roha, takes 1 hour to trek to the top of the fort.

Via Medha: This base village is 8 km from Roha, is the most preferred route by the trekkers. It takes 1 hour to trek to the top of the fort

Via Padam: This base village takes 2 hours to trek to the southern entrance of the fort. This route one of the exciting routes as the trail leads through the thick woods.

A detailed explanation of the trek

This relatively less popular trek can be considered as one of the scenic treks for the beginners during Monsoon. The fort is surrounded by the abundance of flora and fauna and offers a spectacular view of the landscape. Especially the trail leading to the fort is covered in dense green forest. The fort has 4 entrances and 2 main ramparts. There are many water tanks along the trail, and the main tank is present at the entrance of the fort. You will find a rock-cut carving of a horse at the entrance and 3 cannons on the top. Like other forts in this region, this fort too has a Shiva temple on the top. It takes approximately 2 hours to explore the fort. You will get a glimpse of Telbaila, Sudhagad, Sarasgad, Dhangad, Raigad, Korigad and Savasana Ghat from the top of the fort along with lush green forest surrounding the hill fort.

How to reach Avchitgad fort

By road: The fort is 118 km from Mumbai to Roha. You can take a state bus to the base village.

By rail: the nearest railway station is Roha. You can take a state bus to the base village

 Things to carry

  • Trekking sack lightly packed is very important
  • Spare set clothes for emergency
  • Water bottle & Protein bars (you would not find anything once you climb up the fort)
  • Sweater or rainwear
  • Good trekking shoes