Everyone in this world had hoped of being airborne. To have their own feathers, discover the unexplored places and to get the best vantage point. For individuals like us, we have got very few options to satiate our thirst of flying. Hence, the most common options and easily available in India is Paragliding.

Thus, we have jotted down 12 places in India which offers the mesmerising view of this country. With the same intention, the following options are covered in every direction of India i.e. North, South, East & West which also gives you easy accessibility.

Best Paragliding Destinations in India


A renowned location for paragliding in Himachal is Manali. Certainly, considered as one of the best sites for Paragliding in India, Manali offers view of snow-filled mountains, dense forest of pine trees and deep valleys. Solang Valley and Marhi are go-to spots for Paragliding in Manali. To point out, best Season for flying like a bird in Manali is November to June.


Undoubtedly, Kamshet is the best place for paragliding for people of Maharashtra. Located near Lonavala, this place is near to Mumbai and Pune. This place offers view of Windmills, the Sahyadris, Lakes and NH4. At the present time, Lonavala is considered as a best place for adventure activities as many trekking points are nearby. One can club such activities with the flying adventure making the best out of the weekend.


Again, the 2nd best place in the World for Paragliding, Bir- Billing Paragliding is the place where the World Cup of Paragliding was hosted. With a stretch of 16 – 20 km, Bir- Billing offers sightings of valleys and meadows with a chilling atmosphere. One starts gliding from Billing and lands at Chougan near Bir Village. The duration last usually for 20 – 30 minutes which provides a breath-taking and memorable experience.


Similarly, the famous city in The Kumaon range Nainital, offers two most beautiful points Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal for Paragliding. Views of Lakes, Forest and The Himalayas offer distinct characteristics for both the locations. Delhite’s can plan a trip on a weekend to enjoy the thrill in a chill and have a wonderful trip.


Approximately, located 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is famous Paragliding point in Karnataka. Nandi Hills thus, have added few more tourists by just being a mere hill Station. Known as the Summer Place for the King Tipu Sultan, Nandi Hills offers mesmerising views of grasslands, farm fields and various trees and bushes. One can plan a nice weekend trip to Nandi Hills to enjoy some cultural outing (as Nandi Hills is surrounded by Temples and Dargah in the nearby vicinity) with Adventure spice.


Located 220 kms approximately from Chennai and 100 kms from Vellore, Yelagiri is the destination of Paragliding in Tamil Nadu. The Flying like a bird experience will be unforgettable as you witness a huge plateau with palm-filled trees and paddy fields. Yelagiri has thus, become an ideal location for One-day Adventure for people of Chennai.


Panchgani, located near the famous hill Station Mahabaleshwar, which is approximately 250 km from Mumbai and 100 kms from Pune. Recently, Paragliding has been the main attraction of this Strawberry rich town rather than the usual sightseeing and backwater pedal boat rides. The Aerial view over Panchgani is amazing as one can have a detailed view of The Sahyadris, its valleys, Dhom Lake, Nagawadi Dam and Mahu Dam. This is best Weekend getaway for Punekars.


Ranikhet located 55 kms from Nainital and 350 kms from Delhi is a Paraglider’s Paradise. An in-depth view of the Kumaon Range and the Himalayas makes it perfect to have an aerial view of the Valleys and landscapes. Clubbing Nainital and Ranikhet would be a perfect adventure trip to quench your thirst of flying.


Sikkim has been a tourist attraction for many years. Thus, Paragliders are considering Sikkim as a must-go destination. The greenery of Sikkim is intoxicating as one feel fresh air everywhere. The aerial view offers a lot of Greenery, Small water streams, and occasional houses. One visit Sikkim and add Paragliding in a must-do list along with other sightseeing which this beautiful State has to offer.


As Goa is famous for many water sports, Paragliding is an added adventure. Arambol beach is located 60 km from Dabolim Airport and 25 kms from famous Baga beach. Paragliding at Arambol Beach offers a great view of the nearby hills and pristine, sandy coastline. You cannot miss watching the Goa coastline flying in the air.


Pavagadh Hill is located 55 kms from Vadodara and 470 kms from Mumbai. Surely, one of the most thrilling experience one can gain is by taking off from West Side (Halol Tekri) of Pavagadh. Pavagadh is famous for various temples and waterfalls. An ideal time to do paragliding in Pavagadh is from October to March.


Kerala has attracted tourist enchanting them with its natural beauty. Again all, Paragliding at Vagamon provides the flavour of this beauty to its greatest extent. Series of Clouds hovering over a series of Green Mountains is a memorable sight Vagamon offers. Best time to visit Vagamon is all season except monsoons.