These days, MNCs want employees and team to be more productive and always try to keep them motivated in some or other way. With regular Salary and Incentives, employees also want a break from the routine. This will thus increase overall the productivity of the entire team and organisation. Nowadays, Corporate have realised the importance of organising Corporate Team Outings, Team Building Games along with certain seminars to boost team performance. Also, various team building events & Outbound Training are organised to ensure the employees gain and learn valuable lessons from such events.

Following are some of the best Team Building Activities. These are easy to perform and understand, which promotes bonding, communication skills, strategy building and coordination among the team members.

1. Water Relay

Water Relay is an interesting and simple fun game. It boosts the overall skills of an employee. The game consists of filling the empty bottle glass by glass with some conditions. To complete this simple task is easy. But to complete it fulfilling each and every condition is challenging.

This task ensures learning of team coordination, communication skills, the importance of team management and decision making. When the drawbacks are mentioned after the completion of tasks by our facilitator and professionals, the employees are astounded. The participants are made to re-perform the activity and found better performance in finishing the task.

2. Treasure Hunt

One of the best game to judge the overall capability of a team is through Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt is usually a map-based puzzle game which the entire team has to solve. Organising this event helps the employees to learn basic skills such as Map Reading, use of Compass and measurement of distance. Along with this new learning, the employees learn how to work in a team, decision-making abilities, logical reasoning skills and team unity.

3. Human Caterpillar Race

If you want to test your team’s co-ordination Human Caterpillar race is the best game. Small Teams are made and given a big hollow circular plastic. The teams have to use that plastic and proceed to the finishing line moving like a caterpillar.

We also induce some rules and regulations to increase the difficulty level and excitement. Overall Team’s coordination is tested in this activity as the speed of everyone has to synchronise. Working as per the strengths and weakness of the team is the prime learning from this activity.

4. Hula Hoops 

Hula Hoops is an exciting game which promotes team bonding, tackling difficulties and team unity. Limbs of the members of the team are tied together and are asked to finish a task in stipulated time. To make it more complex certain hurdles are made in their way which also makes the team to improvise in such difficult situation. The overall activity is enjoyable especially when two teams are headed from the opposite side and hurdles are obstructing their way.

5. Snakes

Snakes builds trust. It is widely acknowledged fun game. In this game, leadership quality and communication skills of every individual are judged based on their performance. Members of the team are blindfolded except the last member who guides the team to finish the task. After the task is completed, the first person goes to the last position to guide the team and the last person moves ahead with a blindfold. This game builds trust amongst the team members. With limited communication, the task is performed which develops the self-belief of the team.