Konkan coast is one of the most scenic regions between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. And the best of monsoon in Konkan is the cascading waterfalls. There are some small and big waterfalls in Konkan alluring tourists from all over the country; especially during the monsoons when you witness a number of waterfalls cascading down that the mountain.

Top 14 List of waterfalls in Konkan

Lingamala Waterfalls

Lingamala waterfall is one such spectacular waterfall that has been breathtakingly beautiful. Located in Mahabaleshwar, this waterfall is a must-visit place for the tourist to experience the cascading waterfall gracefully landing from the height of 600 ft. It is one of those moments where you have no words to describe.

Entry fee INR 15/- per person

Randha falls

Randha falls located in Bhandardara, is an exotic place during the monsoon when the water is lively. Randha Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Mumbai. There is also a temple located near the falls. The surroundings are absolutely magical.

Entry fee N/A

Bhivpuri Waterfall

The ideal time to visit any waterfall is during the rains. Monsoon creates magic in Konkan region which is blessed the mighty Sahyadris. Bhivpuri falls located in Karjat is one of the popular spots for nature and adventure lovers as waterfall rappelling are conducted here during the monsoon.

Entry fee NA

Amboli Waterfalls

This mesmerizing waterfall is located Amobil, a hill station nestled in the mighty Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. With it being home to rich flora and fauna and dense greenery, Amboli is considered to be one of the eco spots in Maharashtra. Amboli waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially during the rains. These magical waters keep the tourists excited and curious to take a dip in the clear waters. The time required here is 1- 2 hours minimum

Entry fee: INR 10/-

Vyaghreshwar Waterfall

This beautiful yet unexplored waterfall by many is located in Manche of Sindhudurg. This beautiful waterfall which descends from 300 ft height is surrounded by mighty mountains and ancient Vyaghreshwar temple is breathtakingly beautiful. There is a path to the waterfalls through the temple. Trekking time here is 1 hour

Entry fee: NA

Marleshwar Waterfall

Marleshwar waterfalls located in Raigad district is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Konkan region. This hidden gem is truly a perfect place for people looking for tranquillity. To reach the waterfalls, you need to climb around 500 steps. But the view you will see will be worth climbing every step. Capture every moment you are there while you can by actually being one with nature. You can spend as long as 2 hours here.

Entry fee: NA

Dhodavane Tivre Waterfall

DhodavaneTivre waterfall is a good place to visit in Sangameshwar, of Ratnagiri. Falling from a height of 200 ft, this waterfall is active throughout the year. It is a great place to take a dip with friends.

Entry fee: NA

Zenith waterfall

Zenith Waterfalls located in Khopoli of Raigad district is popular amongst the weekenders as it is just a few hours’ drives from Mumbai. The height of the fall is 80-90 ft., remains active during monsoon. The beautiful waterfall is surrounded by very scenic surroundings and has a great opportunity for adventure lovers for trekking and rappelling around the waterfalls. The time required to spend here is 1 hour.

Entry fee NA

Chinchoti waterfalls

Chinchoti falls is one of the favourite spots for trekkers. Located in Vasai, makes it a perfect getaway for a day trip near Mumbai. The narrow trails through the jungle, rustling woods, chirping birds and insects and cascading water plunging on the rocks making it sound like Nature’s music. Approximately 1 – 2 hours is required to trek and spend time here.

Entry fee NA

Dabhosa falls

Situated in the village called Dabhosa in the Palghat district of Maharashtra, Dabhosa waterfalls is considered as one of the highest waterfalls situated near Mumbai. This waterfalls beautifully descends from a height of 300 ft, it is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. One of the exciting things about this waterfall is that it is a paradise for adventure lovers. You would be required to trek down to reach the base of waterfalls. The trail towards the base is exciting and thrilling especially during monsoon when the waters are gushing through the cliff.

Entry fee NA

Kune waterfalls

Kune falls cascading beautifully from the height of 200 m is one of the most spectacular waterfalls located in Lonavala. This three-tiered waterfall is surrounded by wonders of Nature.  An ideal place for a day picnic and a swim in this puddle is refreshing. Best time to visit is during monsoon.

Entry fee NA

Devkund waterfalls

There are many hidden waterfalls in Sahyadri ranges; one of those is Devkund falls located inside the Andharban jungle. The best part of this falls is you will have to trek your way to reach this hidden gem. It’s a 3-hour trek through the jungle to reach this perfect place with clear water.

Entry fee NA

Tamhini waterfalls

Tamhini waterfall is one of the most sought after places for its spectacular valley view and its greenery. Located near Kolad, it is visited by many tourists and weekenders stopping by to this beauty. Water gushing through the Western Ghats is the sight to behold during Monsoon. Be there to witness the creation of Mother Nature. Do visit a hot spring and Kansai waterfall near Tamhini falls.

Entry fee NA

Umbrella falls

This picturesque waterfall is situated very close by to Randha falls. Located in Ahmednagar district, is one of the popular waterfalls and one of the best waterfalls in Konkan for its rich flora and fauna. The fall flows in the shape of Umbrella hence it acquired the name Umbrella falls.

Entry fee NA

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