Wondering why is everyone landing in Kasol and it’s nearby villages these days? Yes, of course it is the smell and taste of freely growing and burning herbs in this valley, but there are reasons more magical than just this.

There is a natural trip that you get when you see the gushing water of Parvati river. The power it flows with, takes your breath away and makes you curious as to where did it originate. There will be times when you’d feel like just taking a dip in it!

It enters the Beas river at Bhuntar.

Now, Bhuntar is the main town for access to buses and taxis for travelling further up to Manikaran, Kasol, Tosh and nearby villages.

After Bhuntar, the roads become narrower and you start getting a glimpse into the snow clad peaks of the Parvati valley. You can look around many travellers excited for Himalayan treks.

Kasol is a small hamlet and a base for treks to Malana and Kheerganga, approximately 31 kms from Bhuntar. It lies in the picturesque Kullu district.

This place is quite quickly becoming the “Amsterdam of India” as many say. It attracts a lot of Israeli tourists along the year and is also becoming backpacker’s crashing place due to the cheap living spaces, mouth-watering food and not to miss the sense awakening views.

The Israeli food options here are sure to entice and melt many-a-heart!

You should check out these places to satisfy your food cravings in Kasol-

Evergreen Cafe, Bhoj, German Bakery, Little Italy, Maria cafe, Shiv Shanti Cafe and the Jim Morrison Cafe.

Here is a quick insight on how to reach Bhuntar

Railways and airports in Himachal Pradesh are a tedious affair. It’s more convenient and comfortable to reach any place in here by road. Coming by roads, you also have the company of beautiful River Beas and then River Parvati.

If coming from any other state, reach Delhi and take a taxi (personal or with a group) or bus from Majnu ka tila or RK ashram metro station. There are ample of buses that start from evening till 12 in the midnight.

For Kasol, you have to get down at Bhuntar and take a bus/taxi further.

Best months to visit: March – June & October – November

Several of the signs in the little town of Kasol are in Hebrew and this gives Kasol a unique feel.

Near to Kasol is the Famous Manikaran Sahib (Gurudwara) and its hot sulphur springs. Locals here say these are hot enough to boil rice and powerful enough to treat some diseases too. It lies at about 5 kms from Kasol. Don’t forget to have the simple yet lovingly made and served Langar.

Away from the roads and vehicles, you can hike/trek to the villages of Tosh, Malana, Chalal and Kheerganga. Believe me, it’s going to be worth the effort and time to go up and just sit back and let the slow life of these villages slow you down too!

All of these places, although different in their own ways, have one thing in common – the hippies, their parties and the drugs.

The serene hills and the healing energy of water will set you free from the daily monotonous routines once you come here.

These tiny villages will surely make you fall in love with them!

Don’t forgot the Kheerganga Trek:

Take the route which goes through the forest and not the villages. This will be a bit longer and tougher, but amazing! Tiny streams, bridges made with tree trunks and mysterious routes will give you that heavenly feeling. There will be eating stops in between where you can relax yourself. Try drinking the water from streams flowing, it would taste really sweet!

After reaching on top, it’ll feel like an accomplishment when you see the stars at night with snow-capped peaks and the pristine forests around. The camping experience here is going to be worth remembering!

Do take a dip in the Hot Water Springs that are known for their medicinal properties.

If you have forgotten anything needed for trekking, you can get them at Kasol. Options for both rent and purchase are available.

Just don’t let any “work” stop you from getting here! Grab your bags and come on in!

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