Maharashtra has varied colors to offer! It is gifted with unbeatable locations that can offer adventure, peace, thrill and anything else you ask for. With this, there are many famous sites for camping near Mumbai.

The Sahyadris or the Western ghats hold hundreds of peaks, waterfalls, lush green forests, centuries-old forts and temples that becomes the reason for people coming in and looking for memorable experiences.

For adventure seekers, there are numerous camping sites near Mumbai like Kamshet, Lonavala, Pawna Lake camping that never ceases to please anybody who comes here and many more.

De-stress and refresh yourself with the fresh breeze, twinkling stars, warm fire and good company.

You can read here and decide your next weekend getaway near Mumbai.

1. Pawna Lake Camping

pavna campingThis is one of the most talked about campsite in Pune & Mumbai, making it one of the favourites.

It is an artificial lake brought into existence due to the Pavana dam. It’s a picturesque sight offering much-needed solitude and quietness. It can be reached through the Pune-Mumbai highway.

Tucked in the Sahyadri ranges, it proves an ideal place for nature lovers, backpackers, campers and other tourists because of the large banks around the river. There are some historic forts like Lohagad, Tikona and Tungi close by for visits.

Enjoy the company of people around while spending some rejuvenating time for yourself.

Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

2. Rajmachi Camping

One of the most awe-inspiring destinations for trekking and camping near Mumbai is the Rajmachi fort. It is almost 3000 feet high. And, It was mainly built to keep watch on Konkan area. Moreover, it consists of two twin fortresses Shriwardhan Ballekilla and Manaranjan Balekilla, with a wide machi (plateau) surrounding the two Balekillas. There is a small village Rajmachi (Udhewadi) having few houses and the inhabitants welcome the tourists with a warm heart.

The sheer ruggedness of the fort mesmerizes the adventurer in you. The night trek here is an unforgettable 18 km surrounded by twinkling fireflies.

And when you wake up, there is an amazing sight of the Sahyadris at the campsite.


3. Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara CampingIf you’re just wanting to be in one place and escape the crowds, this can be the go-to place.

It is situated near the calm, blue waters of the Arthur lake, which is a reservoir of the Wilson Dam. It is said that sage Agastya meditated here for a year. Pleased with his penance, gods blessed him with a stream of River Ganga, now known as River Pravara. The lake is formed by this river. You can check Bhandardara camping Itinerary.

When you camp here, you can swim in the water, walk around in the lush green forests and soak in the beauty of the night. During monsoons, some areas here become submerged, giving the experience of island camping.


4. Dahanu Farm Camping

Come sleep in the farms of Chickoo plantations. The campsite is well furnished with the nursery equipment which is spread across 8 acres of land in this Dahanu region.

When you wake up in the morning after being blessed by the moonlight and stars, you can go to the beach which is 10 km from the campsite.

This is a great place for the family to relax on a weekend and experience overnight camping near Mumbai.


5. Bhatsa Riverside Camping

Bhatsa Riverside CampingBeautiful campground beside river Bhatsa is all set to give you a beautiful experience with various trees standing tall giving you the required peace and calmness. There are various bird visitors here so the campsite is also a favourite among bird lovers.

You can go swim, enjoy boating or try your hand at fishing. Do follow the trails or explore on your own when you go for nature walks here.

Just let yourself lose when camping at Bhatsa riverside!


6. Shirota Lakeside Camping

The campsite is located 11 km from Lonavala. Shirota Lake is filled with water almost round the year and is quite secluded with forest cover. It will give your eyes gorgeous views any time of the day.

Camping here is going to be a unique experience combining adventure and convenience of being closer to Mumbai and Pune.

After the day’s exploration, try catching a fish and try your hand at the barbeque at night.

And surely you’ll take some mesmerizing pictures back home only to come back again.


7. Alibaug Beach Camping

Kashid Beach CampingCamping near a beach amidst the beautiful blue water and the sound of tides can be an awesome experience.

As the beachside camping is restricted by Alibaug police, there is private beachside land which makes a perfect private beach camping destination instead. Beachside Camping is surrounded by old style parking shacks for fishing boats of local villagers. Kashid beach town is 30 km away from Alibaug.

Sitting on a beach with loved ones is a dream everyone dreams of.

You can have a memorable evening on the beach with a cool breeze blowing along with campfire and barbeque.


8. Korigad Night Trek & Camping

This hill fort of Korigad lies 3050 ft (appx.) above sea level and offers amazing views of the surrounding locations. It is said that in 1657, Shivaji Maharaj incorporated this fort in Swarajya along with Lohgad, Visapur, Tung and Tikona.

It just takes one hour to get on top of the fort from the base village Peth Shahpur. One has to enter into dense forest till the backside of the fort and then there are well maintain steps to reach the top.

You will definitely enjoy the view of Amby valley that you get while trekking. And when you reach the fort, you have two lakes there to enhance the beauty of the hill fort.


9. Irshalgad Night Trek & Camping

irshalgad campingNo road link, a secluded village and a less walked path make trekking to Irshalgad feel like discovering a long lost civilization.

Irshalgad is located in between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra in the Karjat region at 3700 ft above sea level. It is a sister fort to Prabalgad. Irshalgad is not a fort but it’s a pinnacle which is famous for its two caves and needle eye structure at the top. Irshalwadi is at the base of the pinnacle. Irshalwadi plateau offers stunning views of Matheran and Morbe dam. The route of range trek from Prabalgad to Irshalgad connects to this plateau from backside.

To reach the top of the pinnacle, it is essential to have rock climbing equipment.


10. Prabalmachi Camping near Mumbai

This can be a great place to just switch your mood and land in this closeby place to Mumbai. Prabalmachi provides a refreshing change. From fantastic weather, rocky cliffs, lush green slopes to fresh air, this hillside village has a unique experience. With two hours of ascent, this place lures trekkers from across the country.

Don’t miss the fireflies when camping at night when hills give you a blissful backdrop.

Thakurwadi acts as a base village for the Prabalmachi Trek.


11. Lohgad Valley Camping

lohagad campingOne of the most interesting forts to visit is Lohagad as it still has the old pristine conditions intact. It dates back to the Satvahan era and was mainly used to keep a watch on the trade route passing through the Sahyadris. As one starts ascending the fort, 4 massive doors have to be crossed only to find the expansive top and a huge lake built by Nana Phadnis. The feature of this fort which is outstanding is the ‘Vinchu Katta’ (stretches for 2kms) which resembles a Scorpion’s sting.

Lohagadwadi is the base village here.

For all the stargazers, there are telescopes that can be used to spot beautiful celestial objects.


12. Kothaligad Night Trek

Surrounded by other forts like Bhimashankar, Rajmachi, Dhak, Sidhhagad, and Prabalgad; Peth fort also known as Kothaligad lies in Shahpur Taluka of Peth District. There are a small temple and a large cave at the base and a chimney like a tunnel to the top of the fort. This pinnacle is carved from inside forming a staircase reaching the top. The stone is a single black expanse reaching till the Peth village standing on the fertile soil.

It is one of the famous treks in the Karjat area, because of its small height and easy climbing. So, all the people thinking to start trekking, this one could be a great adventure camp in Mumbai.


13. Vaitarna Riverside Camping

vaitarna lakeside campingVaitarna Dam, also called Modaksagar Dam, is a gravity dam on Vaitarna river which supplies drinking water to Mumbai and other areas. The river is one of the west flowing rivers in the region North of Mumbai and south of Tapi River. The river rises in the Sahyadri hill range at Trimbak in the Nasik district and offers an awe-inspiring scenery.

The place is blessed with picturesque beauty and is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It is situated over 2000 ft above the sea level in a pictorial natural environment.

Once you reach the campsite, you can feel the freshness in the air.


14. Kasarsai Lakeside Camping

Rainbow Campsite is located on the beautiful  Kasarsai lake near Pune. The campsite is easily accessible and also has boating options. It’ll prove to be a great option for camping around Pune on the weekend with safe and secure outdoors. If you’re a photographer or just love it as a casual interest, this could be a place for you. You should capture the birds, sunset and sunrise especially apart from the breathtaking scenery around.

Just relax & unwind here.


15. Kulang Cave Camping

kulang campingKulang Fort in Kalsubai mountain range offers the longest and highest climb from the base to the top amongst all the forts in Sahayadris. It stands at the height of 4822 ft above sea level, boasting of one of the finest views from the top

Ambewadi being the base village, the trek is graded as a medium to difficult trek.

It is famous amongst young trekkers for its beautiful plateau & valley views


Through experiences we have come to see that camping becomes one way where you can go back to the simple joys of life like reading, staring at the stars, hiking, swimming or just being with the people around enjoying games and other things. You take out time to value the simplest yet most beautiful things around you. Try this weekend any of the camping near Mumbai

So make sure you get in your camping clothes soon!