Waterfalls are the treat for the eyes, even if you see it from a far-off place. It is most remarkable and exciting when one visits the base of the waterfall. The sound, the atmosphere, the water all put together becomes a memorable experience. Surprisingly, one of the most beautiful Waterfalls in India is near Mumbai and Pune which is Devkund Waterfall. 

One of the stunning places to visit near Mumbai, Devkund Waterfall is located near Kolad and is the origin of the Kundalika river.

Devkund Waterfall Trek

Trek to Devkund waterfallThe trek begins from Bhira village which is the base village of Devkund Waterfall. Bhira village is also the end point of the famous Andharban Jungle trek. This base village is adequately populated and many villagers provide food to the tourists at nominal charges. Few villagers also share their accommodation if one has to experience the stay in this Konkan village.

Trek to Devkund waterfall is easy as you pass through the dense forest of Andharban. The trek also involves passing through the water stream which is considered dangerous during monsoon season. As you are passing through the forest, it may get humid and forests are home for mosquitoes and other insects so wear full pants and full sleeve T-shirts. This will help you stay protected from the bites of mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

After 120 minutes of a trek, you hear the sound of water splashing from a height which is a sign that you are near Devkund waterfalls. When you see the sight, you are in Paradise. You will find people swimming in the pool of the waterfall. However, care must be taken by those who do not know how to swim. You may also find Villagers/ Policemen not allowing people to swim beyond a certain point as it is too deep. However, a safe dip at the pool is recommended as it is refreshing.

This serene, tranquil location is so pleasing that one will not be able to decide which is the best moment. Is it the trek to the dense Jungle that connects one with nature? Or Is it the Waterfall and the mere sight of it that ensures you to believe a place called heaven on earth? Whatever be the reason, the experience of visiting this place will undoubtedly be memorable.

Highlights of Devkund Waterfall

  • Beautiful Sight of the Waterfall
  • Dip in the Pool
  • Easy grade Trek

How to Reach

Mumbai – 130 km, Pune 105 km

Nearest accessible location is Kolad. One can reach Kolad by State Transport buses from Mumbai and Pune or through Konkan Railway from Mumbai. Taxis and Share Autos are readily available to provide the transportation service till Bhira Village.

Best Time to Visit

Post Monsoon/ Winter Season is the ideal season as the water level is not dangerous and you can also enjoy the waterfall by taking a dip in it.

Camping Option

Yes, one can enjoy the session of camping at the Bhira village. Although, tent accommodation will be difficult. One can stay in the huts of the villagers to enjoy the rural culture of this Konkan Village.