Do you want to make adventure part of your life? Something that unsettles you, something that requires an effort to be put in, a struggle, survival and then realizing a change in you. Now you realize that you don’t just exist but you live.

These experiences are important in life they may not gain you wealth but they will surely make you gain wisdom. Perspectives in life are important and one way to understand and change your perspective is to venture into adventurous activities like Trekathon!!

Wow, Trekathon! you might have heard of Trekking, you might have heard of Marathon but what is Trekathon. Well give it a thought; it is a simple combination of both a Trekking challenge and Marathon racing. Instead of just running you have to walk and climb the mountain, not just climb but be the one to climb fastest is a winner. Well, you might wonder what’s in that. But experience this once, try this out and you would know what’s not in it.

Trekathon it is not just an event, but it is an opportunity to explore the nature around you. If you are looking for the best adventure sports in and around Mumbai, then the monsoon and lush green mountains, the misty fog, and clouded sky; this picturesque beauty of the Prabalgad fort area is awaiting your presence. Amidst such beauty, you have to test yourself, put the best effort of yours into action and accomplish the Trekathon.

Arrive at base village Thakurwadi near Panvel Navi Mumbai; a bus will be arranged from Panvel.  Assemble near base village gather around we are well prepared to give you all the instructions and assist you in all possible ways. Start the trek from here, volunteers will be placed at every post in between. Climb with forests surrounding you and waterfalls flowing distantly can be seen, the flowing water makes music of its own, hear it, feel it, re-energize yourself and continue your expedition. Keep a sight, follow the directions and you will never be lost on the way but why not lose yourself in the train of thoughts. After some ascend there is a big plateau; from here you can see a distant city and highways like lines drawn parallel, cars like toys passing by. Walk further with given directions reach the endpoint. Well, that is it, summed up in one paragraph but it will be quite an experience of the lifetime for you and a day well spent in an adventurous activity.

There is prize distribution after the event for those who complete it first. But it is not about coming first or last; it is a competition with yourself. Yesterday you might have been a normal person living life ordinarily but today you are different; you have made a choice to participate in Trekathon, you have completed the Trekathon and now given a new purpose to life, a new perspective, a new outlook.

The purpose of organizing Trekathon for us is not just to make you explore the nature or bring some new event. But to make realize the significance of nature, make appreciate its beauty.  After all, we have named it Green Run!