With summer around the corner, school exams getting over, many parents must be thinking of getting their kids involved in some kind of extra-curricular activity.

Instead of a regular visit to their native place, parents would want their kids to learn something new, something unconventional. We bring you one of the better options for kids in the form of Adventure Summer Camp.

Parents can enroll their kids to Summer Camp for following reasons:

  • Self – Confidence: Research states that 95% of kids develop self-confidence by going for a summer camp. Self-confidence is gained just by getting over feelings such as homesickness. When the kids realize that they have overcome homesickness by themselves, their confidence builds up, they act independently and are ready to mingle in the crowd by taking active participation in adventure activities.
  • Self-Recognition: When the kids are in summer camp, they are not monitored by their parents or teachers as it happens in school or home. The self-realization of the fact that “I am responsible for my own wellAnchor-being” helps them to act freely and enjoy the summer camp activities.

Summer Camp

  • Social Skills: Summer Camps are the best place for making new friends. Research states that chances of making life-long friends are more in a summer camp than any other social events. Interaction with other kids and working in a group for completing a task, help kids develop their social skills.
  • Connect with Nature: With a constant connect to virtual world and video games, kids don’t get a chance to explore the outer world. Jungle Trail, Camping are some of the adventure activities of Summer Camp which help the kid to connect with Nature.
  • Teamwork: Summer Camps consists of group activities where kids work with their camp leaders and their peer to finish the assigned task. In summer camps, kids became integral part by working in a team and the camp community which develops a sense of acceptance and belonging.

kids camping

  • Trying something new: One of the best things of Summer Camp is the newness of the activity. Many a time’s kids are eager to try certain activity or they are scared to try. Activities such as Monkey Tail, Burma Bridge, Short Ropes, and Slack line raise the tempo of excitement in the camp. Summer Camp, thus, helps in conquering their fear by doing an activity which they did not feel they could do.
  • Physical Activity& Healthy Living: A latest research reveals that 40% of teens are obese and the reasons are excessive sitting activity and eating junk food. In Summer Camp, kids are completely involved in Physical Activity by collecting items required for building a raft, Trekking to a small hill, dancing on folk songs etc. By all these physical activities, kids are drained and they want to rejuvenate themselves by Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats. Importance of Balanced Diet and appreciating the existence of the same helps the kid become more humble and kind.

Blog by : Omkar Uplekar