Jungli Jaigad fort is an offbeat destination situated in Satara. It is nestled in the deep forest situated at an elevation of 2957 ft above sea level. Fort is located beautifully in thick jungle belonging to Koyna wildlife sanctuary, displaying breathtaking views and natural surroundings; due to which, you would see various birds and wild animals. Don’t be surprised if you spot any wild animal on your trek to Jungli Jaigad Fort. Especially beware snakes and scorpion.

Jungli Jaigad Fort Trek Details

Difficulty level: Moderate

Elevation: 2957 ft above sea level

The time required: It takes 3-4 hours ascending from the base village.

Jungli Jaigad Trek:

Jungli Jaigad fort trek is one of the most interesting treks amidst dense jungle giving a spin thrilling experience to the adventure lovers. It is also considered as one of the best treks in Maharashtra. It takes 3 – 4 hours to trek from the base village Navja near Koyna Nagar. Once you reach the top, you would get a magnificent view of Koyna dam backwaters and a beautiful Kumbharli Ghat view. The ideal time to trek to Jungli Jaigad fort is during winters. It is not advisable to camp in the fort due to the presence of wildlife.

Places to visit nearby

1. Koyna Dam

Situated between Karad and Chiplun, Koyna Dam is a great place to pay a visit. Especially when in the rains, the excess water is released and the entire dam wells up beautifully. It is definitely a sight to behold. It is also one of the largest dams in Maharashtra providing Hydroelectricity to the state.

Koyna Dam

Koyna Dam

2. Kumbharli Ghat

KumbharliGhat is a popular spot during the monsoons, from where the view is just mesmerizing. With water cutting through the edges and forming a narrow stream at one end, and a full-force waterfall gushing on the other side, you would be stunned by the view. This mountain pass is 25 km before Koynanagar Dam

Kumbharli Ghat

Kumbharli Ghat

3. Ozarde waterfall

Nestled in the dense forest in Satara, this beautiful waterfall is famous for this gigantic drop. You will have to trek through the jungle to reach this waterfall. Although it gets tiresome to find a way through thick jungle, it is worth the pain once you reach this mesmerizing spot.

Ozarde waterfall

Ozarde waterfall

How to reach

By road: The fort is about 200 km from Pune and 350 km from Mumbai.

By rail: The nearest railway station is Chiplun (42 km), Karad (60 km) and Satara (85 km), from there you can hire vehicle to Koyna Nagar.

Tips & Suggestions:

 Do not camp in the fort or the jungle, there is a high chance that you might have an encounter with wildlife, as the region comes under the Koyna wildlife sanctuary

 Trekking sack lightly packed is very important

 Spare set clothes for emergency

 Since the fort is remotely located, carry water bottles & food for your trek.

 Good trekking shoes advisable.

 Carry a first-aid kit for emergencies


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