What is MAC?

Maha Adventure Council logo

Maha Adventure Council logo

Maha Adventure council (MAC) is formed for focusing on promoting safe adventure and on ensuring excelling in conduction activities based on land, water, and air. One of their main focuses is also on making sure there are the least environmental impacts while conducting adventure activities.

With its greater interest lies with the promotion of enthralling adventure sports, it is focusing on safety and excellence in adventure operations. It contributes to the promotion of its ideology by giving safety guidance, establishing Standards, helping the organizers operate safely by providing training, information, fostering support of and collaboration with various stakeholders and government agencies and also enhance awareness to the general public at large. MAC is formed especially to benefit the adventure body of Maharashtra.


Why is MAC?

With the increasing demand for adventure sports throughout the year, although there are a number of adventure organizations being able to cater to the demand; it is important that the activities are conducted with major focus given to the Safety and trained excellence. Safety specification includes firstly to the People, environmental impacts and good quality equipment. Maha Adventure council (MAC) helps in achieving the same.

What is MAC not?

  • It is not a legal firm to fight cases for its members in case of any mishap. It is possible that it could intervene by investigating the incident and state facts to the Government authorities
  • It is not a club or an adventure tour operator.

Team of Maha Adventure council

Maha Adventure Council (MAC) is formed by formable trained individuals in various aspects of adventure and adventure-related fields; they happen to have greater experience in adventure-related work. These individuals come with skills from land-water and air-based activities, running organization in directorial position, managing a consultancy and running a voluntary organization in the adventure fraternity.

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Who can join?

Individuals, commercial operators, and volunteers in Land, water and air-based adventure activity in Maharashtra are welcome to join MAC as members. It requires support in the form of membership, resource and active participation for the betterment of adventure in Maharashtra.

Membership fee

Organization Membership: 1000/- annually + 500/- one-time registration.

For the volunteers and commercial operators and organizations

Associate Membership: 100/- annually

For Individuals

What are the benefits?

  • Representation with the Government and Judiciary for all issues related to adventure.
  • The members have the privilege to voice your views, issues and participate in the process of policymaking and governing the representative body for adventure.
  • Membership of MAC and adherence to the prescribed safety guidelines in adventure activity and will provide you support in case of accidents.
  • Counselling and guidance by experts are given to the members with regards to safety standards, new developments in the field, and government policies on an adventure.
  • Various seminars and workshops with regards to safety guidelines on adventure conducted for the members.
  • As a Member one is supporting the objectives of MAC and promoting safe practices in an adventure.

 Do check out their website if you are aspiring to become one of the members. Here is the Link