This beautiful hill stations fascinatingly a patch under the foothills of Sahyadri ranges within a spitting distance from a Mumbai, making it the closest hill station for a perfect getaway from the routine. Being one of the popular hill stations amongst the tourists, for obvious reason, Matheran has banned vehicles to enter the town making it an eco-friendly hill town.  It is situated at the elevation of 2600 ft above sea level. It is one of the few places you get to breathe in a pollution-free air and feel a cold breeze on the face.

This magnificent hills station supposedly a semi-evergreen forest have evergreen trees making this hill forests very dense and a pleasant one to be alluring tourist and adventure seekers. Yes, you heard it right. Adventure seeker, if you haven’t been to this beautiful and a fascinating hill town yet, pack your bags now. It has some exciting activities like Trekking, rock-climbing, and paragliding. Did your spine-tingle already?

Things to do in Matheran

Offering a spectacular view of Sahyadri ranges, Matheran is famous for its 38 designated viewpoints for the tourist to capture the moments. Since it’s a no vehicle zone, once you reach Matheran, you can choose to walk around or rent a bicycle or ride a horse to the viewpoint. Did you know some of these points also have an easy trekking trail? Some of the top attraction worth going for is as listed below:

  1. Charlotte Lake

The lake set in the midst of the dense forest is an ideal place to spend some pleasant time along with your family. Best time to visit the lake would be during monsoon when the lake is full and the shadow of the mountains reflecting on the water. Be sure to not miss some exotic birds dancing their way.

  1. Louisa point

Louisa Point quite popular for it offers a panoramic view of Prabalgad fort and Irshalgad fort and some beautiful waterfalls and a spectacular view of lake gardens. Do not miss this beauty when you are in Matheran.

  1. Echo point

As the name suggests, the Echo point is another popular attractions in Matheran for its reverberation. Catch a bird eyes view of the entire region. It’s worth a picture.

  1. Panorama point

A scenic point known for its panoramic view of Sahyadri ranges offers a great deal of thrill for a nature lover. It requires one to trek on a 2 km rock patch to this point.

  1. One tree hill

How fascinating is it to trek to this unique hill which has only one big tree growing on it. Trekking up to this picturesque point and reaching to this beauty is beyond words.

For people wanting to witness the wildlife, The Paymaster Park and the Panthers Caves are also great places to visit. There is some splendid sunrise point to calming sunset point. Click here to know more about One Tree Hill Trek

How to reach Matheran

Matheran is 100 km from Mumbai by road. Cars are allowed only till Dasturi Naka. You can choose to park either at Dasturi Naka or at Neral station. From Dasturi Naka, it’s a 40 min ride on a Horseback or a Pullman rickshaw. Although there is a toy train plying from Neral station, the most convenient option to travel.

Where to stay

There is umpteen numbers of options for accommodation in this Hilltown.  There are various BnB hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, Lodges, resorts. The tourists have an option from budget-friendly to chain resorts options.

Best time to visit

The best time to experience Matheran weather would be between Octobers – June.

During monsoon, however, the place becomes less crowded, so you can enjoy the rain-soaked greenery with a sense of peace.

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