Morgiri fort is a recently discovered and unexplored fort in Pune district, located at the elevation of 3010 feet above sea level, Morgiri fort mostly would have been used as a watchtower. Morgiri Trek is situated in the same region as Korigad Fort, Ghanagad, Tung Fort, Tikona Fort i.e Lonavala region; hence the surrounds are impeccably beautiful.

Morgiri fort

However, since the fort is in a dilapidated state, the steps reaching the fort is completely ruined and thus an iron ladder has been placed for easy access to the fort. The path to the fort is half of the rocky patches and the other half is steep, a little fitness and rock climbing with ropes are required. Endurance will be tested.

Morgiri Trek

Although it is a small fort, it is not easily accessible due to the ruins of the fort. But once you ascend to the top of the fort, every sweat is worth the view you would be getting from the top. You would be witnessing the backwaters of Pawna dam, Tung fort, Tikona fort, and a spectacular landscape.

Tung fort view

Tung fort view from Morgiri Fort

Morgiri Trek details:

Height: 3010 feet

Time required: 01 hour to ascend

Difficulty level: Hard

Base village: Jambhulne village

morgiri fort temple

morgiri fort temple

How to reach Morgiri Fort:

Reach the Amby valley junction in Lonavla at 16 km via Bhushi Dam – INS Shivaji route. From this junction one route goes to Aamby valley whereas other go to the Tung fort. Proceed on the route to Tung fort. On this road about 1.5 km you would be reaching Jambhulne the base village to the fort.

Tips and suggestions

  • Trekking sack lightly packed is very important
  • Spare set clothes for emergency
  • Water bottle & Protein bars (you would not find anything once you climb up the fort)