Sarasgad fort one of the Twin forts along with Sudhagad fort is situated near Pali village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. Ballaleshwar, one of the Ashtavinayak temples is beautifully nestled between Sarasgad fort and Amba River. One of the trek routes to the fort is from behind the temple. History says Shivaji Maharaj has taken this fort under him during Swarajya and spent 2000 Hon (then currency) for the reconstruction of the fort.

Sarasgad Fort Trek details

  • This Hillfort is located at 1600 ft above sea level.
  • This trek difficulty level is Moderate with the steep trail on most parts.
  • It takes 2 hours – 2.5 hours to ascend.

This fort majorly is used to keep a check on surrounding regions; unfortunately, it is not kept in good condition. However, the trail to the fort and the picturesque view from the fort is worth visit especially during the monsoon, but be conscious of your step as it can get slippery.

A detailed explanation of the Sarasgad trek

Trek primarily starts from behind the temple; the trail is from moderate to very steep. Watch out for boulders as you might need some rock climbing skills here. Don’t forget to get a glance of the view from here, as Sarasgad fort will be visible. This trail will eventually lead you to the base of the peak with about 90 steps carved on stones to be climbed to the entrance to the fort. During the monsoon, you would find a small water stream flowing alongside the steps, so be careful it can get a little slippery. Once you enter the fort, you would see caves used by the soldiers and water tanks inside the forts. You would find a Shiva Temple on the top, providing a panoramic view of the mountain ranges surrounding the region.

Places to see nearby

Ballaleshwar temple & Sudhagad fort

Things to carry

  • Trekking sack lightly packed is very important
  • Spare set clothes for emergency
  • Water bottle & Protein bars (you would not find anything once you climb up the fort)
  • Sweater or rainwear
  • Good trekking shoes

How to reach from Mumbai

By rail: Take a train from Diva railway station to Nagothane by Diva Passenger train (Takes approx. 2.5 hours to reach Nagothane); Once you reach Nagothane, there are share autos plying from there to Pali Ballaleshwar temple (10 rs ride)