Songiri fort is a fascinating trek in Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. Songiri Trek is located at the elevation of 2500 feet above sea level. This small hill fort situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra is one of the scenic treks especially during the monsoons when it is blessed with mesmerizing views of lush greenery and gushing waterfalls. During the monsoons, it is almost a perfect haven for the trekkers with pleasant weather and enthralling views.

Did you know there are two different forts under the same name as ‘Songiri’? Yes, one is situated in Karjat ranges and one near Nagothane. Here we will be talking about Songiri fort in Karjat which is also called as Palasdari Fort.

Songiri Fort Trek details

Height: 2500 feet above sea level

The time required: 2 hours to ascend to the top

Difficulty level: Medium

Base village: Avalas village, near Palasdhari station

Songiri Trek

Songiri trek also known as Palasdhari trek is one amongst the most scenic destinations for the trekkers in Sahyadri of Karjat ranges, making it one of the perfect destinations for the trekkers considering the proximity of distance from Mumbai and Pune. This trek also happens to be one of the unexplored forts near Mumbai and Pune with a great opportunity for the trekkers to challenge themselves of the unknown.

Songiri Fort Trek

Songiri Fort Trek

Songiri Route

Palasdhari station is the nearest station to Songiri Fort. Once you reach the station, the fort is visible. You would need to walk to the base village i.e Avalas village. It takes you about 20 Mins to reach the base village. The trail to Songiri trek from here would lead you through thick jungle, you will witness some beautiful landscapes, birds chirping and gushing waterfalls, but beware of wild animals and snakes. Ideally, it is advisable to go in a group as you might get lost in the jungle, it is always very helpful if you have a group while trekking in such parts. It takes 2 hours to 3 hours to ascend from the base village.

How to reach Palasdari Fort

From Mumbai: You can reach Palasdhari station by taking a Khopoli train, or a Karjat train from Mumbai

From Pune: Take a train that goes towards Mumbai & that stops at Karjat.

Places to explore

Other than the fort, you can visit Palasdhari secret waterfalls hidden in the jungle and a Palasdari dam. There is a Swami Samarth math at Palasdari village.

 Tips and Suggestions

  • Carry a light trekking sack with Water bottle and some food.
  • Carry a set of clothes for emergency
  • Carry a stick while trekking through the jungle as it can help you make way through the shrubs and daunt snakes. It will also be very helpful during monsoon where the path can get a little slippery.
  • Plan your trek according to the last local from Palasdhari station.


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