Team Outing is an essential part of a Corporate World to increase team bonding. Corporate Groups used to visit expensive Lounge Bar, to enjoy Drinks and munch on the Multi-Cuisine food. However, this has become monotonous and unhealthy. Many Corporate Groups are thus, opting for adventure-based activities to have an exceptional Team Outing Experience.

Following are some of the Best Adventure Activities for Memorable Team Outing Experience.

Corporate Trekking

Trekking is the best team building activities for employees exploring the wilderness of nature on foot. It is one of the best activity for team outing as one experience thrill and the beauty of nature along with their colleagues. Motivating the fellow members, helping them on difficult patches and sharing local food with them becomes a great get-together.

Corporate Camping

Camping is more concerned with relaxation in the arms of nature. Enjoying the view of the surrounding with various bonfire games increases the fun quotient of camping. Playing interesting games, Antakshari, sharing funny experiences of one’s life helps the team members to mix with each other nicely. Thus, creating a cohesive and cordial environment. Revdanda Beach Camping is more famous amongst corporate.

Corporate Cycling

If Staying fit is the motto, then Cycling has to be the best exercise as well as a good team outing. Cycling can be done in Metros but doing it in a daytime can be full of hassles. Mid-night Cycling in Metros or Daytime Country Side Cycling can be an ideal adventure trip for a group. Cherish the memories of childhood cycling with your colleagues as you also manage your team with various hand and voice signals. Corporate Cycling is also can be one of the best Team Building Activities.


Increase your adrenaline by doing rappelling with your teammates. Hanging by the rope on a steep rock is a thrilling experience one must have. Sharing the moments of sheer excitement with your teammates, thus makes it a wonderful team outing activity.

Waterfall Rappelling

If you have enjoyed rappelling, then you must try for waterfall rappelling. The thrill is increased manifolds by hanging on a rope that too on a live waterfall. The water from the waterfall is poured continuously drenching you in it making the experience exciting and refreshing. A must-do in a monsoon and an ideal for a rainy picnic with your colleagues. So waterfall rappelling can be your best plan for corporate Team Outing.