Cycling in Mumbai is difficult, due to its traffic, its humidity, its vastness and its crowd. But recently, there are many organizers who offer different cycling events all around Mumbai all throughout the year.

10 Tips

Following are the 10 tips which will make your cycling tour in Mumbai hassle-free, either you go through an organiser or individually.

1. Choose the time

It is best to do cycling at night (probably after 11 pm) as there will not be much of a traffic and no more signals. This will make your cycling tour soothing and enjoyable. Cycling at night will also be comfortable as the humidity will be less in comparison with the day.

2. Choose the Season

Winter is considered as the Ideal Season for cycling as the climate will be peaceful and the ride will be relaxing. But these days many cycling groups in and around Mumbai organise events in Summer as well.

3. A route is Important

If you are planning for the cycling tour, you need to chalk out your route which is very important. You don’t want to end up in such a place which may not be welcoming. Try to keep your routes on main roads which will cover famous landmarks of Mumbai, avoid shortcuts and don’t take unknown alleys.

Mumbai cycling

4. Cycle Check-up

You need to take a good look at your cycle before going out on a trip. Front and Rear Breaks, Conditions of Tyre, Seat and Greasing on the Chain must be checked thoroughly to avoid any disturbances. Also, Horns or tring-tring on your bicycle is a must have for making your way from the movable hurdles. Ensure that they are in working condition, if not get it repaired.

5. A reflector is a must

You must wear a reflector which usually comes in bright colour. It is usually a minimal weight jacket available in fluorescent colour. It is readily available in any hardware store. This will be your protector for the vehicles coming from behind awakening them of your existence on road.

6. H for Helmet

The basic safety equipment, Helmet cannot be forgotten or missed while going on the ride on bicycle or bikes. You should have a good quality Helmet before planning a cycling tour.

7. Emergency Contact No

A must have on your Calling list. Contact numbers of Police, Ambulance and nearby Hospital on your planned route would be of crucial help in time of emergency.

8. Mobile Holder

If you want to make use of mobile while riding, make sure you have a mobile holder. Handling Mobile in one hand and cycle on the other would be a tedious task. Mobile Holder would help you to keep your hands free and would be used as a good navigator.

9. Lock your Bike

If you want to leave your bike for a short break, it is advisable to lock your bike to an immovable and static thing like a Light Pole. This would ensure that your bicycle will not be stolen.

10. Carry Water

Please carry a sufficient amount of water along with yourself. Although Mumbai does not sleep at night, the availability of mineral water would be reduced. You can also carry Glucose D or Electral Powder that would help you regain your lost energy.

To know more about the upcoming cycling events organised by Small Steps Adventures in and around Mumbai, please visit the following link: Upcoming Events.