The sheer joy of accomplishing a task which looked impossible to you is unparalleled. A rise in the heartbeats, the fear combined with determination are the factors that define your risk-taking ability to enjoy any new activity.

Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

Looking for adventure?

We, at Small Steps Adventures, have handpicked a few activities that you must definitely try. We promise the experience will be breath-taking and mind-blowing!

1. Kolad River Rafting (or Kundalika River Rafting)

kolad river raftingOnce a small village, Kolad has gained a lot of popularity today as it offers adventurous activities like white water rafting, kayaking and rappelling. It is home to the River Kundalika which is fed by excess water every day from a nearby dam used for Hydro Electric project. White Water Rafting at Kolad has gained a lot of popularity due to the daily surge in the water levels of Kundalika making it a must visit spot for people in Mumbai and Pune.


2. Sea Sailing near Gateway of Indiasailing at mumbai

It is very easy for Mumbaikars to hitch a ride on a motorboat at the Gateway of India. One gets to see the rarely viewed spots like Dolphin Lighthouse and Oyster Rock along with an amazing view of the sunset. Popeye lovers also get a chance to try their hand at sailing!



3. Tiger Safari at Tadoba Tiger Reserve

sailing at mumbaiLocated in the Chandrapur district, Tadoba National Park is considered to be the oldest and the largest National Park in Maharashtra. It is very famous for its tiger spotting safaris which attract crowds from and outside of Maharashtra. Apart from the tigers, the forest is also home to a number of other animals like leopards, bears, nilgai and barking deer.




4. Scuba Diving at Tarkarliscuba diving

If you are one of those people who is fascinated by underwater mysteries then scuba diving is a must for you! Tarkarli is one of the best adventure places near Mumbai and the activity can be availed even by non-swimmers since it is meant to be a fun ride. After a series of basic guidelines, one can explore the life within the sea as its vibrant colours lure you in.


5. Pawna Lake Camping

pawna lake campingPawana Lake is a man-made lake located near Lonavala. The surrounding is picturesque and peaceful and this makes it an ideal destination for camping. If you are not in a mood for the trek, then you can register yourself for an overnight camp at Pawana Lake. Enjoy your stay with a delicious BBQ spread in the evening. Wake up to witness a beautiful sunrise and indulge in some water sports or simply have a lazy swim in the lake if you wish to unwind.


6. Trekking at Dudhsagar Waterfallsdudhsagar trekking

The name Dudhsagar literally means an ocean of milk and is named aptly as the water gushing down the waterfall looks milk-like.  It is located on the border of Goa and Karnataka and trek trail to Dudhsagar promises rich scenery through the dense flora and fauna. The unique part of this trek is that it passes through a railway track!


7. Cycling Expedition in Alibaug

cycling at alibaugFamous for its idyllic beaches, Alibaug is home to some magnificent historical sea forts and beautiful temples. Cycling along the beach is a great way to unwind and relax. The cycling usually starts from Kihim beach and moves on to cover Awas beach and Revas Dhakka.




8. Kamshet Paraglidingparagliding

Love the limitless sky and wish to have a bird’s eye view? Register yourself for a paragliding session in Kamshet and enjoy the ethereal experience. Feel the wind blowing against your face as you feel the adrenaline rush while you run off a mountaintop!



9. Snorkeling in Malvan

Snorkeling in MalvanIf you are not in the mood for scuba diving then opt for snorkeling. In snorkeling, the diver remains on the surface of the water and explores the sea using a snorkel mask.  These tools allow one to witness marine live with relatively low effort.




10. ATV Riding in Mahabaleshwaratv ride mahabaleshwar

Indulge in a little off-roading to beat the blues. Mahabaleshwar is one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai offering adventure activities like Zipline, paintball and go-carting. ATV quads are a fun to ride and offer a unique experience to one and all.



11. Waterfall Rappelling in Bhivpuri, Karjat

waterfall rappelingThis activity is primarily undertaken during the monsoon and involves going down a waterfall using ropes and other safety gear. Though the rush of water on you will seem overwhelming, it is a great activity to be undertaken for that extra dose of adventure!




12. Hot Air Balloon Ride in LonavalaBalloon Ride in Lonavala

Lonavala is not strange location for people living in Mumbai and Pune. It has always provided them buzzing activities along with its natural beauty. One way of exploring the untouched hilltops of Lonavala is by going on a hot air balloon ride where one gets to witness nature and experience serenity together.


13. Rock Climbing at Alang-Madan-Kulang

Rock climbingThe trio, more popularly known as AMK is said to be another tough trek in Maharashtra due to climbing and rappelling patches at great heights. Ascending Alang via Samrad village is a walk on the edge. Madan also offers a difficult climb as the wall of the steps was destroyed in a cannon fire. There is a 50-60 ft. rock climbing patch that one has to cross in order to reach the top of Madan thus bagging it a top spot in rock climbing near Mumbai.


14. Rifle Shooting at LavasaRifle Shooting

Another holiday spot close to Pune, Lavasa does not back-out when it comes to fun and adventure. There are numerous adventure packages provided most of which include rifle shooting. If you are craving something new and less explored then rifle shooting is a must in your kitty. Also, Lavasa Bike ride is always memorable and highly recommended.

15. Riverside Camping at Bhatsa

bhatsa riverside campingPopular among bird lovers, the campsite near the Bhatsa River is rich in vegetation. Certainly, It attracts a lot of birds and is considered to be a safe camping spot for individuals and families. The large water body helps in bringing the temperature down by a few degrees thus offering a cool and calming experience.




16. Overnight Camping at Harishchandragadharishchandragad

Situated in the Ahmednagar region, this fort is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Maharashtra. Harishchandragad fort is considered to be very ancient and the caves present in its vicinity are said to have been constructed in the 11th century. Again, One can approach this fort through various routes but the route from Malshej Ghat is considered to be the easiest.  And, Do not miss the Kedareshwar Cave and the amazing view from Konkan Kada!