Getaways from home are necessity. Exhausted as we are from day to day working life in this fast paced world; slowing down and looking around is much needed break; to refresh us, boost our energy.

 We are not Robots we need not just appreciate the beauty (Today’s robots can also do it) but also feel it.

The Chanderi caves are situated on one of the hills of Sahyadri’s & it is a famous fort near Karjat area.  The hill has a long narrow peak and the caves are situated at the base of that peak. One of the features of trekking to Chanderi is the waterfalls; it is literally a trek through waterfalls. Walking in the jungle and, climbing through steep patches that are muddy, waterfalls on the way is just the perfect nature trail for a one day trek. There are many trekking places near Mumbai, but Chanderi fort trek is really famous for its waterfall route.


Beauty is in exploring nature, in knowing what you had never known, getting lost into the forest, just travelling, traversing there is no stress of routine life, no tensions to be handled, no answers to be given and no questions to be raised, it just being you and nature conversing timeless. Chanderi fort trek gives this feel, waterfalls lashing symbolize the draining of thoughts, it is quite enjoyable to just get drenched under them. Most of the trekking groups in Mumbai arrange this trek in monsoon for this reason only.


Moving forward there are few rocks to be climbed and the muddy trail starts, it is quite in the midst of a forest, the trees around us form the blanket of nature protecting us throughout the journey.  Feel the nature. Ascend to Chanderi intrigues you about the artistic view of the natural environment.


The caves are ancient and form the hollow at the base of the peak. There are few stone deities placed inside the caves. The view of Panvel city and nearby dam is mesmerizing. Taking a rest and having meal one climbs down.

Climbing down again those trails and tracks, the waterfalls with a new perspective and accomplished something new is refreshing part of the life.  It is a new freedom one is experiencing through such getaways. Once you are into habit of these, it is hard to get away from getaways then.


Reaching the waterfalls and again drenching in a ‘masti mood’ it is quite a delight to climb down. It is a day well spent a day where you form new friends, new connections that are going to last for a long time.
It is a day of different experience and most important a happy memory of one’s life