Mrugagad fort is situated at the elevation of 1750 ft above sea level is surrounded by dense forest and mountains. Mrugagad trek is located near Bheliv village in Raigad district of Maharashtra, thus also known as Beliv fort. This small hill fort is very close to Lonavala, Khandala, and Khopoli making it very accessible for weekenders from Pune and Mumbai to plan for this trek.

Mrugagad Trek details

Height: 1750 ft

Difficulty level: Moderate

The time required: 1 hour to ascend

Mrugagad  Trek description

Mrugagad fort is a small hill fort, leading through dense forest along the valley between the fort and mountain, and then there are few rock patches. The base village Bheliv is a small hamlet in Raigad district from where the trek usually starts. It takes an hour to reach to the top, on the way you would find rocky patches and a cave that required some fitness to ascend. Beware of animals in the cave, and be very careful while trekking here during monsoon. Although Monsoons are the best time to trek to this fort.


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Mrugagad fort

Mrugagad fort

Sahyadris is one of the best places for monsoon treks and Mrugagad is one of the popular monsoon treks amongst trekkers. This hill fort offers mind-blowing 360-degree views. Imagine witnessing numerous waterfalls just cutting through the edges and plunging through the cliff, Mrugagad fort offers some breath-taking views making your trek a pleasant one.

How to reach Mrugagad  Fort

Mrugagad fort can be reached via Khopoli. The distance between Khopoli and the base village Bheliv is about 30 km. There are many state buses plying in the area. Otherwise, it is advisable to drive to Bheliv village for this trek.

Place of interest

Umbarkhind and Khopoli are closest monsoon spots one can plan while in this region. Kolad River rafting is also a good option to make your day a thrilling adventure.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Pack your trekking sack lightly.
  • Carry a water bottle and some protein bars for your trek.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and perfect fitting shoes.
trekking place near mumbai

trekking place near Mumbai