After the Summer, every Mumbaikar search for natural water flow and who will miss the most beautiful waterfalls around Mumbai to beat the heat. I have seen crowd in thousands getting down from the train on weekends at Bhivpuri & karjat station just to visit waterfalls and enjoy the rainy season amidst nature. Here you go with the list of waterfalls near Mumbai.

1) Pandavkada waterfall

● Located in Navi Mumbai, 30 kms away from main city.

● Most famous waterfall near Mumbai.

● Its banned on weekends, guarded by Police to avoid deaths



2) Chinchoti Waterfall

● Its located near Vasai, 76 kms from Mumbai

● Beautiful location, lush green views all around

● At times, heavy rainfall, makes it dangerous. If there is heavy rainfall avoid visiting the same for safety purpose.

Chinchoti Waterfall

Chinchoti Waterfall

3) Bhivpuri Waterfalls

● Bhivpuri is hamlet near Karjat, close to Matheran

● It’s just 66 kms away from the Mumbai City.

● There are many waterfalls near Bhivpuri. Main attraction is Ashane Bhivpuri waterfall which remains crowded all times due to close proximity from the Bhivpuri Station. I will not recommend this as most of the time its banned by Karjat Police and other time its most crowded waterfall near Mumbai.

● There are two more waterfalls near Bhivpuri where you can expect bit less crowd compared to Ashane and these waterfalls are not banned by Karjat Police.

4) Diksal Waterfall:

One the way to Matheran trek via Garbett Plateau, one can easily spot Diksal Waterfall on the left side with the adventure junkies around experiencing waterfall rappelling thrill. One need to walk by the Dome dam for 30 mins to reach waterfall, hence less crowd.

Diksal Bhivpuri Waterfall

Diksal Bhivpuri Waterfall

5)  Bekare Waterfall:

Its also the best waterfall in Bhivpuri.  One can see various adventure groups in Mumbai organising waterfall rappelling events frequently.

Bekare Waterfall Bhivpuri

Bekare Waterfall Bhivpuri

6) Dodhani Waterfall Rappelling, Panvel

● It’s a famous waterfall near Panvel

● Just 18 kms far from Panvel city and 55 kms away from Mumbai

● Waterfall is source to Gadheshwar Dam

Dodhani Waterfall

Dodhani Waterfall Panvel

7) Kondeshwar Waterfall, Badlapur

● It’s located in Badlapur, 61 kms away from the Mumbai City.

● One can drive to this beautiful location with greenery all around during monsoon and post monsoon.

● There is small Kondeshwar temple and most of the time it’s crowded on weekends, due to its easy accessibility from Badlapur.

Kondeshwar Waterfall Badlapur

Kondeshwar Waterfall Badlapur

8) Zenith Waterfall, Khopoli

● Its situated in western ghats of Maharashtra and just 76 kms away from the City.

● Zenith Waterfall is two tiered waterfall and thus making it slightly dangerous as water level may increase at any point of time.

Zenith Waterfall Khopoli

Zenith Waterfall Khopoli

9) Tungareshwar Waterfall, Vasai

● Its located in Vasai, close to Surat highway

● Just 57 kms from the town.

● Beautiful waterfall makes the picnic destination happening for families and kids.

Tungareshwar Waterfall Vasai

Tungareshwar Waterfall Vasai

10) Anandwadi Waterfall, Neral

● Small but beautiful waterfall to enjoy fresh water at the base of Matheran

● 77 kms away from the Mumbai town

● One need to get down at Bhivpuri Station and  can hire share Omni till waterfall.

Anganwadi Waterfall

Anganwadi Waterfall

11) Vangani Waterfall

● In Matheran range, safe & good picnic spot for Mumbaikars.

● 67 kms from the Mumbai city.

● Need to get down at Vangani station or one can drive till the base easily.

Vangani Waterfall Bedisgaon

Vangani Waterfall Bedisgaon

Vangani Waterfall

Vangani Waterfall












12) Madap Waterfall, Khopoli

● Very less explored, I can say virgin Waterfall

● One hour drive from Panvel via Express highway.

● There are actually two waterfalls, one is easily accessible and other one is on one hour hiking distance from the base. Other one is mostly famous amongst the trekkers and adventure enthusiast who are keen for  waterfall rappelling.

Madap Waterfall

Madap Waterfall

13) Solanpada Waterfall

● Its artificial water reservoir system, which makes kind of artificial waterfall for people to enjoy.

● 90 kms far from the city, located in Karjat region.

Solanpada Waterfall

Solanpada Waterfall, Karjat