Waterfalls are most demanding after the first rain. Every young crowd once in a rainy season must visit waterfalls to get drenched in the natural flow of water. Waterfalls are best picnic spot as it helps you rejuvenate easily, though most of the time not easily accessible. Following is the list of waterfalls near Nashik region. Don’t forget to visit the reverse waterfall near Sandhan Valley of Samrad.

No. Name Location Distance from Nashik
1 Dabhosa waterfall Jawhar 94km
2 Ashoka Waterfall Kasara 58km
3  Dugarwadi falls Nashik 37km
4 Someshwar Fall Nashik 12km
5 Umbrella Falls Bhandardara 69km
6 Randha Waterfall Bhandardara 72km
7 Dugarwadi Waterfall Nashik 37km
8 Tava waterfall Sinner 58km