There are many waterfalls near Pune to enjoy as one day picnic destinations. Every IT guy in Pune is reaching out one or other waterfall nearby Pune. Here is the sorted list for your reference which you can keep handy or share with your friends to plan your next weekend destinations.

1) Thoseghar Waterfall – 

● 140 kms drive from Pune & 20 kms From Satara

● Thoseghar waterfall is picturesque. Located near the small hamlet Thoseghar in Western Maharashtra.

● Waterfall itself is quite pristine. One can sit and just watch the beauty for hours

thoseghar waterfalls

Thoseghar Waterfall

2) Lingmala Falls –

● 116 kms drive from Pune

● Lingmala waterfall is located in serene Panchgani near Mahabaleshwar.

lingmala waterfalls

Lingmala Waterfalls, Panchgani

lingmala falls

Lingmala falls










3) Kune Falls –

● 69 kms drive from Pune

● One of the most visited waterfalls near Pune

● Located in our famous Lonavala. As its very close and easily accessible, may be crowded but worth visiting in monsoon.

kune waterfall

kune waterfall

4) Vajrai Waterfall –

● 139 kms from Pune

● Located near kaas plateau, Satara

● One can trek to the waterfall and get drenched and enjoy droplets of waterfalls. It is 3 tiered waterfall.

vajrai waterfall

Vajrai Waterfall

5) Devkund Waterfalls near Pune – 

● 100 kms from Pune

● Located in Andharban – Tamhini forest area.

● Devkund Waterfalls trek starts from Bhira dam.

    Devkund Waterfall
Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

Revdanda Beach Camping near Mumbai

6) Tamhini Waterfalls –

● Just 75 kms far from Pune, located in Mulshi area close to Andharban forest.

● Most bike riders choice

● One can drive to Tamhini ghat as its very beautiful road and spot many waterfalls on route.

Tamhini Waterfalls

Tamhini Waterfalls

7) Chinaman Waterfalls – 

● 121 kms away from Pune city

● Located near Wai, Satata

● Drive to this location is pictursque.

Chinaman Waterfall

Chinaman Waterfall

8 Kemburli Waterfall – 

● 135 kms away from Pune

● Descending from Tamhini ghat, one can enter into Konkan and visit this waterfall

● Nearby attraction – Raigad Fort

kemburi waterfalls

Kemburi waterfalls

9) Kondhwal Waterfall –

● 120 kms from Pune

● Near Bhimashankar

● Best place to enjoy around with lush green all around

Kondhwal Waterfall

Kondhwal Waterfall

10) Bhaje Waterfall – 

● 60 kms from Pune

● One can reach by local, get down at Malavali Station(just before Lonavala) and walk for 2 kms.

● One can explore nearby Bhaje caves, Lohgad fort, Visapur fort

Bhaje Waterfall

Bhaje Waterfall