Why not explore the unexplored, why always visit the same places whose name appears everywhere. Not that these common outings are bad places or have lost their charm

This season; this wonderful season of rains is in want of peace, calm and losing in one’s thoughts. The crowded places make lose the charm of the nature that you visit to see.  Nature would look beautiful even then but that wonderment you are looking for is not there. That amazement, that expression of “Ohh this is just mesmerizing” can be found only in unexplored or not so common less crowded places.

Have you heard of Chanderi trekSondai TrekDodhani Trek, Matheran One tree hill? Well, bells don’t ring in your mind because these places are explored by few groups. But the rainy season brings a very exotic beauty to them and would be very unjust not to visit.  Being less crowded, it is serene here; one explores oneself while visiting these places. The magic of trekking in monsoon is something different; it brings a range of emotions while climbing green lush mountains, the widespread picturesque beauty around makes you feel overwhelmed. It is very rare that in this complicated life, clarity in thoughts is achieved but visiting the unexplored and at once everything is clear and plane.

The crowded places would seem very ordinary, they have their own beauty but there’s no fun in appreciating beauty in a pack of people. Standing on the cliff alone looking down upon nature and losing oneself in the wilderness of thoughts has a thrill of some kind. Rare places bring rare hidden qualities inside you; monsoon is the season of all kind of feelings to have an upheaval.

So why wait for planning on it just get out onto these exotic unexplored ventures with Small Steps Adventures.