Zenith Waterfall is in Khopoli Maharashtra is a popular waterfall in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Located at a distance of 73 km from Mumbai and 81 km from Pune, this waterfall attracts people from the two major cities of Maharashtra during the Monsoon season. Every year when the rains start pouring, tourists from both the cities flock to Zenith waterfall to spend their day at this beautiful creation of Mother Nature. This seasonal waterfall is surrounded by scenic landscapes and lush green everywhere.

How to reach

You can either drive to Khopoli town or take a train to Khopoli.

Drive to Khopoli: Once you reach Khopoli, you will have to park at a comfortable spot, and head to the falls by trekking 6 km from the main town.

By train: You can board a Khopoli train. It would take about 2 hrs approximately to reach Khopoli. Once you reach Khopoli, you have an option of trekking from the station or hiring an auto-rickshaw. We would suggest you go for a trek to the place from the station itself. As you will be trekking in Monsoon, you will have more opportunity to appreciate nature and landscapes better. Once you reach the station, you will have to head towards the western side of the station.

Walking to Zenith Waterfall once leads you through an Industrial complex. It takes a 10 min walk from the complex to reach the entrance. The actual trek to the falls starts from here. The trek is mesmerizing from here. You will come across small streams on the path, so ideally we would suggest you to not to wear shoes. Wearing floaters would be very helpful in this case. This beautiful trail leads you through small patches natural vegetation and some very dense woods, you will also come across an uphill terrain leading to the waterfalls. Time taken to reach Zenith waterfall is 40 min trek into the woods.

Zenith Waterfall water stream

Zenith Waterfall & water stream

All the exhaustion from the trek will vanish once you witness the true magic of nature. This waterfall is about 25 feet high during the monsoon and is an ideal place to spend your monsoon blues here. You will come across the maximum number of tourists during the weekends. But if you wish to witness this beauty, and you do not want to encounter too many people, we suggest you go during the weekdays i.e. from Monday – Friday. And if you want to dip yourself in the water pool, that is created by the waterfall, you might want to be a little careful, as the rocks are slippery and the depth is a bit high were the waterfalls. There have been some cases of people drowning here. So we suggest you not to enter the deep parts of the water pool.

Entry fee: Not applicable

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Best time to visit: In June to September, it is ideal to visit Zenith Waterfall. This waterfall is active only during the monsoon.