Corporate Camping

“Camping is the art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower and flush toilet.”

Small Steps Adventures is one of the leading adventure company organizing outdoor camping activity in India. With more than 30 campsites in Maharashtra, we organize camping events at the foothills of Himalayas as well. We believe in providing varied camping experience as we organize camping in Valleys, Lakeside, Riverside, Farm, Beach and various Forts of Maharashtra.

As per the Client’s request we organize camping as per the requirements. We can provide extreme camping experience such as survival camping or luxurious camping or blend of both best suited for corporate events. We not only provide camping as recreational experience but also accompanying them with various team building activities as per the requirements of the client if there are any. We also organize some learning sessions as per the request of the client helping them to achieve the goal which they were seeking.

Small Steps Adventures is one of the foremost camping organizers in Mumbai with main purpose of attaining the loyalty of the customers by providing result-oriented camping events. Camping is a fun activity widely acknowledged as one of the best means for a group to bond. Small Steps Adventures thrives to create an unforgettable and enjoyable camping experience by offering you a basket of exciting activities & fun games, music, delicious meals and soothing experience.

Our Theme based Camping

  • • Lakeside Camping
  • • Jungle farm Camping
  • • Hill top Fort Camping
  • • Riverside Camping
  • • Village Farm Camping
  • • Valley Camping

Our Main Focus

Our main focus is to enhance team bonding through persistence and creativity by enjoying camping. Certain tasks are assigned to different teams where in utilization of available resources, communication with each member is checked and completion of task in designated time creates learning environment. Briefing is given by the Facilitator and the teams are astounded by the observation made, which helps them to redo the tasks more effectively. Furthermore, the main objective of adventure camping is to encourage the team to survive with less amenities, learn unity in outdoors. How team is better than an individual to complete a task is been taught through camping games.