Corporate Cycling

“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring” – Desmond Tutu

Fitter the person, better the output – the latest mantra followed by Big MNCs and Corporate. Organizing Yoga Sessions on a Weekend, Providing Gymnasium facility in the Corporate Campus, In-house dietician are some of the facilities corporate are providing to their employees ensuring that their employees make use of it and stay healthy and fit. We, Small Steps Adventures, helps the Corporate Team to stay fit by providing lifetime experience of Cycling in and around Mumbai with picturesque surroundings.

Cycling is acknowledged as one of the best sports for cardiovascular fitness. Considering the presence of fast-food joints in metropolis and the daily routine of the employees, Cycling could be an ideal sport to indulge in. Apart from the health benefits, cycling also brings you back the memory of riding Cycle for hours with your friends. Cycling is the best way to explore city, place or nature. No need to worry for parking or hardly you stuck into city traffic. Speaking about riding cycle with your friends, Small Steps Adventures provides you to relish those memories by increasing your bond with your fellow colleagues as Group Cycling is more enjoyable than riding solo. Cycling is the best way of keeping yourself fit as you cross many milestones.

We, Small Steps Adventures, also provide you theme based cycling tours to satiate your mood and desire of cycling.

Our Cycling Themes

  • • Midnight Cycling Tour
  • • Breakfast Cycling Tour
  • • Coastal Cycling Tour
  • • Countryside Cycling Tour
  • • Hill Station Cycling Tour
  • • Monsoon Cycling Tour

Our Main Focus

Cycling is one of the best exercise for increasing and maintaining cardiovascular fitness along with toning your legs and body. Working in Air-conditioned offices all day long can make your joints stiff, increase your body fat content and makes you more lethargic. By indulging in cycling we try to promote the value of fitness in their daily routine. Apart from that we also include valuable learning for the team such as time-management, team management, Group co-ordination importance of staying alert and attentive. Use of Hand & Voice signals are the other basic learnings which are important for cycling.

Note – All of our cycling events are executed in guidance of professional cyclists and mechanics ensuring safety and timely execution of the event.