Corporate One Day Adventure

“If happiness is the goal – and it should be, then adventures should be a priority.” – Richard Branson

To find time for some adventure activities from the busy schedule is a tedious task. We, Small Steps Adventures, offer the Corporate World the satisfaction of enjoying the adventure activity through our initiative of One Day Adventure. Activities such as Rock Climbing, River Rafting, Paragliding, Scuba Diving and many more are included to quench the thirst of adventure.

Our main focus is to rejuvenate the employees who are stuck up in the Corporate World by involving them in the adventure activity which will boost their adrenaline rush. On completion of once a fearful adventure activity, the joy is inexplicable which is better than achieving any targets in the Corporate World. This also ensure that when an employee is out of their comfort zone, they hesitate a little but finish it triumphantly.

Along with all the cheer and fun, we also ensure safety of all the participants. State of the art safety instruments are used to perform the activity under well-trained professionals & experienced supervisor. Thus, our motto of One Day Adventure is to provide major lesson of Motivation and Team Management in a nature friendly environment.

One Day Adventure Activities

  • • Paragliding – Fly like an Eagle
  • • River Rafting – Manoeuvre your Raft like a pro
  • • Hot Air Balloon – Float in the Sky
  • • Rock Climbing – Try your hands in being a Spider Man
  • • Scuba Diving – Swim like a Fish

Our Main Focus

Our main focus is to enhance team bonding through persistence and creativity by enjoying camping. Certain tasks are assigned to different teams where in utilization of available resources, communication with each member is checked and completion of task in designated time creates learning environment. Briefing is given by the Facilitator and the teams are astounded by the observation made, which helps them to redo the tasks more effectively. Furthermore, the main objective of adventure camping is to encourage the team to survive with less amenities, learn unity in outdoors. How team is better than an individual to complete a task is been taught through camping games.