Corporate Team Building Games

Outdoor Adventure Games

Outdoor Adventure Games Treasure Hunt, Jungle Survival, Raft Building are some of the Outdoor Corporate Team Building Games where contribution from every team member is taken in consideration. Skills like leadership, creativity among team members, decision making and man management skills are put to use. With the help of the observer and facilitator, one actually understands the pros and cons of the team. After the acute observations, teams are made to reperform the activity and the team realizes that it is much more easier and the quotient of enjoyment has increased. Such enthusiasm and enjoyment are then infused in the official routine which increase the overall productivity of the team.

Indoor Fun Games

Indoor Fun Games If the Outdoor games are adventurous, Indoor games are fun oriented. Games such as Snakes, Water Relay, Hula Hoops are played to increase the trust factor amongst the team members. Apart from trust, skills such as co-ordination, communication skills, problem solving skills and leadership qualities are tested. In such games, every team member gets a chance to lead the teams. These games are thus best for Senior and Middle level management.

Team Races

Team Races Team Races are good exercise to infuse competitiveness in team members and takes combined effort of all the team members to finish the race. Team Races such as Human Caterpillar Race, Obstacle Race, Pipeline are fun oriented activities which increases the unity amongst the team members. The Overall activity focuses on how the team members handle pressure in an unknown environment and how they manage the team in such situations.

Ice Breakers & Energizers

Ice Breakers & Energizers Ice Breakers and Energizers are basically introduced at the beginning of an event. Energizers are basically used to increase the tempo, infuse enthusiasm in team members so that the event becomes memorable and entertaining. Ice Breakers are introduced to break the shackles amongst the unknown members of the team and get them in the comfort zone. Ice Breakers are best way to commence the communication between the new team members.

Lifestyle Management – Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation The Daily hustle and bustle disturbs our body and mind. On top of it, when there is Corporate Pressure People even tend to lose their sleep. The pressure should not impact the mind of employee’s; hence, Companies are introducing Fitness and Yoga in corporate team outings for employees once in a year. Yoga and Meditation helps them to keep their mind and body healthy. It releases tensions and increases concentration level as well. The fitter the person the better the output is the motto of this theme. Thus, increases the overall productivity of the employee.

Innovation & Creativity Team Building Games

Team Building Games From the stereotyped games, Corporate Team Building Games are challenging, teams are asked to use their imagination and creativity in creating some object or a building fulfilling the objective of the task. For Example, Raft Building is a tedious task. One has to use nearby resources and build a sturdy raft to bear the weight of all the team. One has to be innovative in designing the raft satisfying all the criteria. The Length of the Raft, the weight of the raft, material used for building the raft, availability of those material and aesthetic value of that raft are few of the objectives which are taken into consideration while judging. This helps the team to come out of their comfort zone, use their imagination, make most of their thinking capabilities and problem-solving skills to finish the task.