Corporate trekking

Understand your team while exploring the nature - Go for adventure activity like trekking

Walking medium or long distances uphill in the wild and discovering nature along the way is called as Trekking. It’s more enjoyable to trek in a group rather than trekking alone as you get more familiar with the people of different backgrounds. Trekking requires substantial effort and thus carrying only the basics is emphasised. However, trekking in a group is entertaining and the trails are opted considering the attractiveness and serenity of the nature best suited for a particular crowd. Trekking thus, helps the team members to blend in with the team, helping each other at various circumstances of trek. A profound knowledge of one’s associate, family member or one’s own friend is essential to enhance any kind of a bond.

Amazing Wild Experience

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir, Father of the National Parks.

Trekking provides you a gist of living in the wild along with entertaining activities. Wearing appropriate clothes, making high carb food in the forest or carrying the same with ample amount of water brings a dash of independency through various team building activities. Maintaining the excitement while trekking is quite challenging as the team has many individuals who have different endurance levels. Overall, trekking in the wild sparks the survival instincts in each and every enthusiastic member of the team. There are many learning lessons from one day trekking activity like time, food & water management. Activity creates sense of caring and sharing in employees & thus a good human being for you company & society. Mountains are best classrooms only if you are a good listener.

Time to Scale New Heights

Easy Treks for a new-bee will be an ideal stage to commence their life with nature. One can start off their trekking experience with beginner level treks which are not so tiring and even climbing a small hill would be a good boost to their confidence and satisfaction. Thus, trekking with a group is blessing with disguise to the newcomers as there are many people providing help and encouraging to conquer his fear of heights making the trek more satisfying. Hence, Adventure activities like Trekking would make people fall in love with the nature, conquer their fears and enjoy the event with their colleagues or newly found friends.

Safety while Trekking

Trekking teaches us many important lessons. Adequate water with every person of the group, no gaps in the group as one should not stray from the desired path, Ensuring the weak person of the group to stay ahead and not lag behind, helping fellow group members on difficult patches of the trek are some of the peculiar teachings or builds team bonding naturally. Well trained Trek leaders and Guides are the assurance of a successful trek.

Trek to Sync with Nature

We, Small Steps Adventures, provides you ample opportunity to do trekking near Mumbai and Pune to sync with nature. You can get away from your busy schedules, daily routine and traffics of the metropolis to enjoy the serenity of the nature, amazing views of the valleys and mountains with an adrenaline rush. Thus, Trekking is a complete package which offers excitement, beauty, thrill and enhances team spirit making it ideal for Corporate Outing.