Corporate Waterfall Rappelling

Many Corporates are eager to increase the bonding with team by doing some outdoor activity. One of the best adventurous activity for a team bonding is Waterfall Rappelling. Raise your heart beat by joining with our experienced team this monsoon for Waterfall Rappelling.

We, Small Steps Adventures, provide an exciting and thrilling event to the Corporates to let them live in present. Being in an environment where you are suspended on a waterfall gives you no time to think about anything else. Simple steps of rappelling makes it difficult in waterfall and one has to synchronise hands & legs positions teach you the decision making when your heart beat is high. The Adrenaline rush is so intense that no other thought enters your mind making you live the moment as well.

When you reach down, there is a sense of joy and achievement. You would appreciate that the 15 minutes of Waterfall Rappelling was worth a risk. Corporates are satisfied that the experience the team has gained, rejuvenated them and developed their self-belief. Classroom terms like Motivation and Unity is highly used and experienced among the staff. Thus, they are eager to head back to work to achieve set targets with a united feeling.

We, Small Steps Adventures, have organised many Waterfall Rappelling Events keeping the utmost priority to safety of our participants. We provide State-of-the-Art equipment and well-trained professionals who has years of experience of Rappelling. We always keep First-Aid kit along with us and make use of it whenever necessary. Thus, ensuring a lifetime experience with proper safety precautions is our motto.