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Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri Fort Trek

Anjaneri Fort Trek is in Trimbakeshwar Taluka of Nashik District. Anjaneri fort in Nashik is 174 km and 236 km from Mumbai and Pune respectively. Anjaneri Fort Trek is easy. One must pass through a few farm fields to reach a set of steps which take you all the way to Anjaneri Fort. On reaching the top, one can relax in the Seeta caves which can accommodate around 10 – 15 people at a time. The view from Anjaneri Fort of Nashik is mesmerizing as you see the Upper Vaitarna Reservoir and scenic beauty of Trimbakeshwar Forest. You can also view two pinnacles called “Navra” and “Navri” from the top.

Anjaneri fort (Nashik) is set to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Many devotees pay a visit to Anjaneri during Saturdays and on Hanuman Jayanti. There is also a temple at top of Anjani Mata. Best time to visit Anjaneri Trek is in Monsoon and Post Monsoon till January to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Join us to this religious Anjaneri Trek and make memories for a lifetime.


Anjaneri Trek

Board Kasara slow local from Mumbai CST on Saturday. Train timing as below:
22:50 pm: CST
23.04 pm: Dadar
23:31 pm: Thane
00.03 am: Kalyan
01:18 am: Kasara

Pune Participants:
18:35 pm: Board Indrayani train from Pune
21:00 pm: Reach Kalyan 

Day 1 - Anjaneri Trek

We are Waiting for you

Meet at Kasara Railway Station at 1:30 am. We will travel to the base of Anjaneri Trek in the Transfer Vehicle.

Anjaneri Fort, here we come

We will reach the base village of Anjaneri Fort around 3:30 am. After freshening up and a fun round of Introduction, we will begin our Anjaneri Fort Trek.

Yay, we are here

We will reach the Anjaneri Fort around 6 am climbing the stone carved steps. Enjoy the sunrise view from the top and explore the fort. Don’t forget to take ample group photos and safe selfies.  We will have breakfast at the top.

Lovely Rural Lunch

We will start the descend around 9 am reaching the base village around 11 am. Relax and Freshen up as we feast on the local delicacies cooked by the villagers.

Wow, What an Amazing Experience - Anjaneri Trek!

Post Lunch we will head back to Kasara Railway Station around 12 noon. Please share your experience of Anjaneri Trek and feedback on our way back.


INR 1300 per adult

Anjaneri Trek Inclusions: 

● Transport from Kasara Railway Station to Kasara Railway Station
● Breakfast (Limited)
● Lunch (Unlimited)
● Technical expertise
● First aid

Anjaneri Trek Exclusions: -

● Any other personal expenses other than Inclusions & GST 5%

Cancellation and Refund applicable on the Anjaneri Trek tour cost: 

● If cancellation done prior to 15 days of outing 75% will be refunded.
● If cancellation done prior to 10 days of outing 50% will be refunded.
● After that no refund will be provided.


● A good Trekking Shoes for Anjaneri Trek of Nashik
● A Good Torch with Extra Batteries (Mandatory)
● Identity Proof (Mandatory)
● Minimum 2 Litres of Water (Mandatory)
● Full sleeves T-shirt and Full-Length Pant (Mandatory - To protect from Sun, insects, bushes, etc.)
● Extra pair of Clothes. (Mandatory - To change after trek (Can be kept in vehicle during trek))
● A haversack to put in all the things to be carried, so that one has one's hands-free while trekking
● Sweater or Shawl (Optional)
● Some ready to Eat Food, Plum Cakes, Biscuits, etc. (Optional)
● Cap, Scarf, Sunglasses, etc. (Optional)
● Medicine those if you require usually (Optional)
● Bring a plate and spoon to avoid the use of plastic


Anjaneri Trek Rules

● In Mountains & Jungles, smoking attracts honeybees and one has to face dangerous "honeybee attack" where survival of the person is difficult, hence smoking is strictly prohibited.
● Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited during Anjaneri Trek.
● Leader's Decision will be Final and Binding.
● Small Steps Adventures reserves all the right to Change/ Deviate/ Cancel the plans without prior notice.
● Telephonic Confirmation for booking is Mandatory; if unable to contact us then send a text message and we will call you back.
● Please do not carry Handbags or Jholas or Sling bags on treks.
● Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewellery, etc. If carried, then we do not take any liability for the same.


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