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Sudhagad Night Trek

Sudhagad Night Trek

Sudhagd Trek Details

Type: Hill fort
Height: 2030 ft
Grade: Easy
Endurance: Medium
Base Village: Thakurwadi
Region: Pali

Sudhagad Fort Trek Overview

Sudhagad Fort Trek is located near Pali in the district of Raigad. Sudhagad Trek is 110 km and 133 km away from Mumbai and Pune respectively. The Sudhagad Trek is through dense Jungle which is also the extended part of Andharban Forest. It takes around 2 – 3 hours to reach the top of Sudhagd Fort.

Before reaching the top, you will come across a pass where steps are carved in stones. From the top, you get amazing views of Sarasgad, Tailbaila Pinnacle, and the vast Andharban Jungle.

Sudhagad fort is also called as Bhorapgad. Before the existence of Raigad, Sudhagad fort was considered as the capital of Swarajya. Thus, Sudhagad fort is of significant importance historically.

Best time for Sudhagad Trek- June to January


Sudhagad Night Trek Itinerary

Day 1 - Sudhagad Fort Trek

We are Waiting for you

Meet at Dadar Railway Station (E) near Pritam Hotel at 1:30 pm. We will travel to Thakurwadi which is the base village of Sudhagad Fort Trek in the Transfer Vehicle.

Sudhagad Fort, here we come

We will reach Thakurwadi Village around 5:30 pm. After a brief round of Introduction and instructions, we will begin the Sudhagad Night Trek.

Yay, we are here

The Sudhagad fort trek is through dense Jungle with an occasional steep ascend and one must not leave the group for any reason. We will reach the top of Sudhagad Fort around 8:30 pm.

Dinner Delight

Enjoy the dinner cooked by local villagers of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes around 9 pm. Post Dinner raise your voice to participate in the fun game of Antakshari. Sleep early and Sleep well as you will have to wake up early to explore the Sudhagad fort.

Day 2  - Sudhagad Fort Trek

Good Morning Folks

Wake up around 5:30 am. Before we begin the Sudhagad Fort exploration, please fill your stomach with a simple but healthy breakfast. Explore the Sudhagad fort and enjoy the views of Sarasgad, Tailbaila Pinnacle, and the Andharban Jungle.

Wow, what an Amazing Experience of Sudhagad trek

Descend back to the Thakurwadi village around 8:30 am. It will take around 2 hours to reach the base. Post reach the village, we will travel back to Dadar in the transfer vehicle. Please do share your experience of Sudhagd Trek and feedback on the way back.

Do share Sudhagad Trek images with everyone.


INR 1350 + 5% GST

Sudhagd Trek Inclusions:

● Non-A/C Transport from Dadar to Dadar
● Dinner
● Breakfast
● Lunch
● Expertise Charges

Sudhagd Trek Exclusions:

● Any other personal expenses other than above mentioned & GST (5%)

Cancellation and Refund applicable on the Sudhagd Trek tour cost: 

● If cancellation done prior to 15 days of outing 75% will be refunded.
● If cancellation done prior to 10 days of outing 50% will be refunded.
● After that no refund will be provided.


● At least 3 liters of drinking water
● Photo ID card
● Extra clothes and raincoat (in Monsoon)
● Personal medicine
● Torch with extra batteries for overnight Sudhagad Trek

Note: During Sudhagad trek, our stay will be in Temple/ Small Shelter, so carry sleeping bag/ Mat/ Chaddar/ Blanket.


Sudhagd Trek Rules

● In Mountains & Jungles, smoking attracts honeybees and one has to face dangerous "honeybee attack" where survival of the person is difficult, hence smoking is strictly prohibited.
● Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited during Sudhagd Trek.
● Leader's Decision will be Final and Binding.
● Small Steps Adventures reserves all the right to Change/ Deviate/ Cancel the plans without prior notice.
● Telephonic Confirmation for booking is Mandatory; if unable to contact us then send a text message and we will call you back.
● Please do not carry Handbags or Jholas or Sling bags on Sudhagad trek.
● Please do not carry or wear any valuables, ornaments, jewelry, etc. If carried, then we do not take any liability for the same.


Sudhagad Night Trek FAQs

 1. Is it safe for ladies to trek Sudhagd fort at night?

Yes, Sudhagad Fort Night Trek is safe for all including ladies and kids. We have our expert trek leaders for your guidance and safety.

2. How is the stay facility during Sudhagad Night Trek?

As it is a historical place. Depending upon the availability stay is arranged in a hall or temple.

3. Will be food provided on Sudhagad Night Trek?

Yes, food will be provided according to the Inclusion list. 


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