Outbound Training Modules

How one teaches is important for any kind of learning. Be it in classroom or outdoor, the impact should be so touching and fitting that it should stick in the minds of the individuals or participants. Outbound training is thus, a fun way of learning complex things in a playful environment. This helps the participants to enjoy the games and have a long-lasting impression of the learnings in their mind.

Corporates can introduce Outbound Training for following reasons:

• Build High Performance Teams

Performance of an employee is important for sustaining in a corporate world. But to have a good performance team would subsequently fulfil the goals of the organization more efficiently and effectively. Games such as Juggling can be played in a group of teams where one has to juggle as many balls as possible. The higher no of balls handled by the team is the winner. This is possible only when you work as per the strength and weakness of the team member.

• Leadership Development

We develop Leadership skills in Outbound training which are must in a Corporate World. How to manage a team, how to make them perform well, how to motivate them are all the must-haves for a Leader. But how to judge leadership qualities amongst the team members. Snakes is one such game where you judge leadership qualities, communication skills and problem-solving skills of every team member. The objective is to analyse how an individual is working in limited resources and is able to achieve the objective efficiently.

• Culture & Strategic Change Intervention

Work culture in an organization is very important as it is a very effective tool to retain the employees. Organization has to create a blend of discipline and relaxation so that employees’ productivity is maintained if not increased. In MNCs, many times employees are shifted to abroad to work on site. For them to gel up with the routine it takes time. Thus, culture building programmes are essential for them. Also change is only permanent thing. Some changes are to be welcome to infuse fresh energy in the work culture. However, changes in culture is often welcome with some resistance. But once resistance is overcome, working in an organization becomes very hassle free.

• Group- Dynamic Programmes

Group dynamics is a term referring to 2 or more member speaking in a group. In any group, one is supposedly leading the discussion, one sits back quietly because of his/ her shyness, one is caring for the feelings of the members of the group and wants everyone to contribute in the discussion, one is pushy person who wants discussion to move faster. All such characters have taken these responsibilities unknowingly. If such responsibilities are more or less pre-determined, how can group dynamics be improved? Group Dynamic Programmes are thus introduced to manage the discussion by focussing on the major points, the pros and cons related to it and concluding it.

• New Employee/ Student Orientation

When a new employee/ student joins the organization/ college, he/ she is going through a lot of things. For such instances, Ice Breakers and Energizers eases them and helps them to be comfortable. Such activity assures them no one is going to judge them about their knowledge or etiquettes. This makes them to be in their comfort zone and enjoy the overall activity pleasantly.

• Consulting and Training Services

We provide consultation on overall cultural change of an organization, introducing new sessions at office to increase the energy in an organization and various ideas of Corporate team outing for a better productivity of team. We also provide training services related to adventure activities, developing budding leaders, motivating the teams and also to security personnel.

• Building Partnerships and Alliances

Today’s world is of Mergers and Acquisitions. There are many Partnerships and Alliances are unfolded to increase the business of an organization manifolds. We introduce certain games among these members to increase better communication and connectivity with each other. This also increases a unity amongst those individuals which creates a healthy environment to work in.

• Seminars/ Retreats/Conferences

Annual Meetings & Marketing Meets are organized by the Companies to discuss the issues and come up with a strategy to solve such issues. Award Functions & Seminars are organized to recognize the effort of an employee. But many a times, only those employees who are getting awards are available for the meetings. Thus, to make every employee to be available for the success of the company and organization certain corporate events, Team Outing, Outbound Training and team building games are organized after the meeting. Thus, Helping the employees to enjoy the success of the organization and their colleagues together.