Process of Team Outing

This is How We Work

Team Outing has become a new trend in the Corporate World as it provides lot of valuable lessons which one cannot learn at the actual workplace. It brings out the best from an employee by using their imagination, working skills and management of available resources to complete a task. We, with the help of our well-trained professionals and facilitators explain it to you how this entire set of skills can be used in the actual work scenario which sets as a priced example. But prior to learning lessons we would like you to know how we work.

Requirement: When the Corporate clients are interested in involving their staff for their betterment, we understand their requirements in details. Different department requires different skills, thus, providing information of the same enables us to design the event accordingly.

Analysis & designing: We thoroughly go through your requirement and design the event accordingly. Considering the group size, department, travel time, number of days, budget and inclusion of different variety of activities, we propose you sample itineraries. After getting your feedback on the same, we make changes if required and finalize the itinerary after your approval.

Execution: The well-designed itinerary is then shared with our well-trained professionals and facilitators who are the integral part of this event. The itinerary is also shared to the concerned person of the location where in the event will be held, thus ensuring the food arrangements, washroom facilities and sufficient space for certain activities which are included in the itinerary.

Desired Outcome: When the activities are about to be carried out, we have our well-trained professionals and facilitator who explains the participants about the rules and regulations related to the activity. Doubts are cleared then and there and the participants begins with the task. Our well-trained Instructors observe the overall behaviour of the participants and lists down their problems.

When the activity is finished, they disclose the observations to them. This helps the participants to realize their weakness, get a broader perspective and re-perform the activities with greater zeal. This ensures a healthy process of learning to the participants who can then implement these newly found skills in their professional life as well.